Zoom Escaper App Download 2021| 12 Steps To Use Zoom Escaper

Zoom Escaper App Download 2021| 12 Steps To Use Zoom Escaper

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Zoom Escaper App Download | 12 Steps To Use Zoom Escaper: Have you been looking for a way to download and use the Zoom Escaper app? You don’t have to worry about that again, cos we’ll help you with that right in this article. Are you tired of engaging in endless Zoom meetings, and you feel like dropping off the call? The truth of the matter is that there’s no way you can actually do this without giving a tangible reason. And the only way you can actually go about this is through Zoom Escaper. Now, just read further below so you can see how to download and use the Zoom Escaper app…

Some may ask “What is Zoom Escaper?” It is simply a tool that helps you escape during Zoom conference meetings, and even other video conferencing. It allows you to put a confused noise during your Zoom calls. This noise can be in form of urgent sounds of a barking dog, a crying baby, noise from the wind, or construction noise, which will, in turn, disrupt your own audio call. With this, you’ll have a tangible reason for dropping off your call. Apart from downloading the app, we’ll also provide you with guidelines on how to use it on Zoom…

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Zoom Escaper App
Zoom Escaper App

How To Download And Use Zoom Escaper App

You can download the Zoom Escaper app here for Android devices.
Download for iOS here

How To Use Zoom Escaper App

To use the app, just follow the steps below:

  1. The first step is to go to the Zoom Escaper website here.
  2. You’ll then have to enable microphone access on the site by clicking on “Enable Microphone.”
  3. Then download and install VB-Cable https://vb-audio.com/Cable/, and then refresh the Zoom Escaper website.
  4. Next in line is to tap the “Start” button. This will provide you with about eight different studio effects such as; echo, upset baby, wind, construction, dogs, man weeping, urination, and bad connection.
  5. Under Output, you’ll then find VB-Cable on the drop-down menu. Just click on it by hitting “Start.”
  6. Then open your Zoom.
  7. Go to “Settings” and select “Audio.”
  8. Locate the Microphone and set it to “VB-Cable.”
  9. Under the Suppress Background Noise, select “Low.”
  10. Then under Music and Professional Audio, just select the “Show in-meeting” option and uncheck all the boxes.
  11. During your Zoom call, go back to the Zoom Escaper site and make sure that all boxes for the audio effects you want to add are still remained checked.
  12. With this, you can now escape the meeting successfully. You can tap on the “Stop” button, go back to your Zoom Audio settings, and then switch your microphone back to normal usage.
Zoom Escaper App


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