YouTube Shorts Requirements And Resolution 2021| All You Need To Know

YouTube Shorts Requirements And Resolution: In this article, we’ll be telling you about YouTube Shorts requirements and resolution. YouTube Shorts is an application created to substitute TikTok in India. This is a result of the inability of those in India to access or even use the TikTok application because of India’s ban on Chinese applications including Tiktok. So, therefore, if you’ve been using YouTube Shorts or still not yet active on it, we’ll give you some hints as regards YouTube Shorts requirements and resolution.

YouTube Shorts is a way whereby you can connect with a new audience with your smartphone and the Shorts camera in the YouTube app. It is a way of creating new short-form videos with the use of mobile phones. Once you create Shorts, they will stay on your channel along with your regular YouTube videos. Just read further below so you can know all about the YouTube Shorts requirements and resolutions prepared for you below…

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YouTube Shorts Requirements And Resolution
YouTube Shorts Requirements And Resolution

What’re YouTube Shorts Requirements And Resolution All About?

As for the requirements; Before your video is been considered for the shorts feed, it must be about 60 seconds or less. Not only that, but it must also have a vertical orientation and as well must be in line with YouTube’s community guidelines. You can read the guidelines here

To give your shorts a perfect resolution, a video with a resolution of 1080×1080 pixels with a ratio of 1:1 is quite okay, and will really do a perfect job for you in terms of views. Try not to create a resolution that’s about 360×1920 pixels, cos it won’t even appear on the Shorts shelf.

Again, you need to try as much as possible to make your Shorts a square video. If you make your video wider than it is tall, it won’t get a pass-mark to be considered a YouTube Short.

Bottom line; try to make your video vertical so it will be a perfect fit for a normal smartphone. And try not to make it thinner.

What’s More?

With the use of the YouTube mobile app, there are valuable in-app tools that you can use to create your Shorts. This will enable you to do certain things such as; creating 60-seconds clips using the Shorts camera, add music from a library of tracks, adding Text after recording a short, use the Speed icon to increase or slow down the recording, and you can also use Timer to set your recording by determining when the recording stops.

How To Create Your First YouTube Shorts

  • The first thing is to sign in to YouTube via the mobile app.
  • Click on “Create” and tap “Create a Short.”
  • Set the timing of your Short to be more than 15 seconds to a maximum of 60 seconds.
  • Then tap “Record a clip” by holding the capture button.
  • Remove your hand from the recording button to stop.
  • Tap “Done” to preview your record
  • Tap “Next” to add details to your video.
  • You can now add a title of a maximum of 100 characters to your Short.
  • Once you’re done, tap “Upload” to finish.
YouTube Shorts Requirements And Resolution