YouTube Shorts App 2021| YouTube Shorts App Download APK

YouTube Shorts App 2021| YouTube Shorts App Download APK

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YouTube Shorts App | YouTube Shorts App Download APK: Have you been trying to download the YouTube Shorts App on your device? You don’t have to worry again cos you’ve reached the right spot. With this new application, users now have something to substitute for Tiktok. This is coming as great news especially for those in India, who have not been able to access Tiktok as a result of India’s ban on Chinese applications including Tiktok. With more than 100,000 musical content files added inside the library with more to come, This app is definitely a real gem.

YouTube Shorts enables you to create short-form videos of up to 60 seconds, whereby you can capture multiple clips. In case you don’t know, YouTube Shorts is a way whereby you can connect with a new audience with your smartphone and the Shorts camera via the YouTube app. It doesn’t cost anything to get this app, and it runs Android 5.0+. Now go through this article so you can download the YouTube Shorts App…

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YouTube Shorts App
YouTube Shorts App

How To Download YouTube Shorts App

If you’re from US, UK or Canada, it’s quite different from those outside these mentioned countries.

If you’re from US, UK, or Canada:

  • Go to iOS or Android app store
  • Search for YouTube Shorts, and it’ll open for you.
  • You can now install the app from there.

For those outside the above mentioned countries:

  • It’s recommended that you download Atlas VPN.
  • Select “Netherlands or US.”
  • Then open your app store (Google Play or Apple Store).
  • Search for YouTube Shorts.
  • You can now install the app from there.

What Do You Need To Know About The YouTube Shorts App?

There are some certain features which we’ll like to share with you about the YouTube Shorts app, and they’re as follows:

  1. You need to visit the dashboard For your one-click recording.
  2. You can use an instant record button to record your short videos.
  3. There are different filters you’ll find inside the video section.
  4. You need to first select a music filter before you can record a video.
  5. There are different color adjusters to make your video look more attractive and unique.
YouTube Shorts App


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