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yahoo celebrities entertainment news

Yahoo! Celebrities Entertainment News
Yahoo! Celebrities Entertainment News

Care about updated entertainment news? Then Yahoo! Mail is the best platform for such. You know, there are some things more unique about Yahoo! Mail service which you don’t know. The platform does not base only on account setup. You can as well read some Yahoo! Celebrities entertainment news online. Even if you want to know what is happening in the celebrity headline around the world, then you need to hover around the Yahoo! Celebrities entertainment news.

Over the years, Yahoo! Email service has really developed its focus to be based not only on account setup but also on social contents. As of February 2012, Alexa data Collection Company ranked Yahoo! News as one of the best news sites currently. This really shows how upgraded the platform has been over the past years.

Yahoo! Celebrity was debuted on June 12, 2007. With that, there has been original press release which is been published on Yahoo!’s corporate blog. Lots of sponsors even came in such as Unilever, Pepsi, and Axiata (Celcom & XL).  On December 2012, In December 2012, Yahoo! reached a deal with CBS Television Distribution to cross-promote Entertainment Tonight spin-off The Insider. In January 2014 it was announced that CBS Television Distribution was to revert the name change back to The Insider while OMG! changes its name to Yahoo! Celebrity. Currently, Yahoo! News stands as the second most-read gossip website in the United States just behind

Once you enter Yahoo! Mail platform, you’ll see tabs like; Entertainment Home, Coronavirus, The It List, TV, Movies, Celebrity, Music, Shopping, Build, and Videos. These are kinds of news feeds you’ll see on Yahoo! Been presented for you to choose anyone of your choice and get yourself updated. But as such, don’t forget to create Yahoo! Mail account here.

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Yahoo! Celebrities Entertainment News

Yahoo! Celebrities Entertainment News
Yahoo! Celebrities Entertainment News

What’s more on the YYahoo celebrities entertainment news?

There’s another interesting thing to know; Yahoo! comes with the different country-signup process. What does this mean? For instance, if you’re either in the US, UK, Australia, India, China, etc… your signup process will have a change effect. Although the method of signup will be the same, the country’s language will be written all over the page. So this means that if you logged into Yahoo! Mail via US link, then the news feed there will be everything that concerns the USA and the language will be English as the country’s official language. The same goes to China if you log in via Yahoo! Mail China, the news feed and the language will be everything that concerns China and the Chinese language respectively.

So therefore, since you’ve seen what the platform has to offer, why go through the site and enjoy the Yahoo! Celebrities entertainment news.

But at first, you can’t just base on reading the news alone without creating an account on Yahoo! In case you want to, we’ll show you how you can be able to create Yahoo! Mail account and get yourself acquainted with everything that is happening in the celebrity world.

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Yahoo! Celebrities Entertainment News

You can create the Account Here

Creating a Yahoo mail account is very easy. Follow the steps below:

  • At first, you need to go to your browser and type which will lead you to Yahoo mail official site.
  • When the page opens, you’ll see a profile logo at the top right corner, tap on it.
  • When the next page opens, you’ll have to click on the “Sign in” option.
  • The next page opens up for you to enter your email address. But in this case you’ll have to click on “Create an Account” in order to open a new account because this is your first time.
  • The next page that will open comprises of where you’ll fill your First name, Last name, choosing your new Email address, setting a new Password, Phone number (with your country code), Birth month/day/year, and then Gender (optional).

Note: you need to make sure that first you provide an active phone number because it will be verified. Your email address must not be in use. For example, if you something like this “the email address is already in use” Just try another one or you can make use of the alternative one been provided for you by Yahoo mail. Also, try as much as possible to make use of a strong password (Uppercase + Lowercase letters and inclusion of numbers” which is advisable so that your account cannot be hacked easily.

  • Once you’re done with that, click on “Continue.”
  • The next page that’ll open is where you’ll have to verify your phone number. Click on “Text me a verification code.” A message will be sent to the phone number which you provided. Once you receive that code, simply enter the digits to verify your number and click on “Continue” to go to the next page.
  • The next page that’ll open will be a congratulatory message for setting up your Yahoo mail account successfully.
  • Click on “Continue” and agree to the terms and conditions of Yahoo mail. You’ll then be redirected to your official Yahoo mail account homepage where you can start accessing the service provider via your own account.

Creating this email account is of great advantage. One thing that is quite unique about it is the fact that it allows you to manage your other email account from different email services like Hotmail and Gmail from within your Yahoo mail account. Meaning that even though you travel on a vacation without any access to your account, you can just set it to auto-replies mode as well.

You’ll also need a storage space in your phone for message storage. Yahoo Mail also has a Basic version which is simpler and easy to load.

Yahoo Mail also provides access to your email account with the help of IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) using the desktop/mobile email programs.

The site was upgraded and removed several features, such as simultaneously opening multiple emails in tabs, sorting by sender name, and dragging mails to folders. The new email interface was geared to give an improved user-experience for mobile devices.

Yahoo! Celebrities Entertainment News

Other things to Know

Additionally, Yahoo mail stresses that its servers are based in California and any spam-related activity which uses its servers could potentially violate that state’s anti-spam laws.  In February 2006, Yahoo mail announced its decision to give some organizations the option to “certify” mail by paying up to 1% for each outgoing message, allowing the mail in question to bypass inbound spam filters.

In April 2011, Yahoo Mail began rejecting spam reports, which involved sending a copy of the spam with full headers by email to Yahoo’s abuse department, offering the use of a form instead. However, the requirement to use a form is prohibited by several Internet RFCs, and the availability of abuse at (in this case abuse at is required by the Invariants clause of RFC 2142 because the domain has a mail server and an MX record. Yahoo’s claim was that its “standard” was better than the Internet standards referred to.

Yahoo mail does not tolerate spam practice and terminates accounts connected with spam-related activities without warning, causing spammers to lose access to any other Yahoo services connected with their ID under the Terms of Service.

Must I Sign up through the Site?

The answer is NO. You can log in to your account with the help of the email programs like Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook Express, and Mailspring in order to check your latest emails and then reply back. In other words, your newly-created Yahoo mail account can be accessed by any device that is connected to the internet like a Mobile phone, Computer, Laptop, Tablet.

For Android users, you can get Yahoo mail app via Google Playstore. After downloading the app, just log in directly your account details. While for iOS, you can simply download it by going to the Apple Playstore. After downloading and installing has finished simply launch the app and enter your details in order for you to login into your Yahoo mail account. Both versions of the app perform the same function but are based on the mobile device’s operating system.

This yahoo mail account can also be accessed from any browser available in Microsoft Windows. So, therefore, depending on the type of Microsoft Windows you’re running on your computer device, you can access this site which is even much easier.

Yahoo! Celebrities Entertainment News

What if I Have an Account and want to delete it to create another one?

Yeah! You can as well delete an account you don’t need again. Maybe you created a UK Yahoo! Account and you recently moved to the US. You don’t want to have more than one Yahoo! Mail account and you just want to get rid of the one you have to create a new US account to know more about the Yahoo! Celebrity entertainment news in the US entertainment industry, then follow the steps below to delete your account:

  • Log into your Yahoo! Mail account.
  • Then click on the “Help” button and wait for another window to pop up.
  • Go to the Top Questions section and select “How do I close my Yahoo! Account?” option.
  • After that, click on the “Account Termination” link.
  • Log in once again if you’re told to do so.
  • Then read the “Termination Agreement” page.
  • Type your password in the box provided to confirm your action.
  • After that, enter the Code shown in the box.
  • Then select “Yes, Terminate this Account.”

And that’s all!

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Yahoo! Celebrities Entertainment News