Word Clock Watch Face 2021 | Word Clock Apple Watch Face

Word Clock Watch Face | Word Clock Apple Watch Face: We experience and embrace new technologies on daily basis. Having something new in terms of technical experience has always been a welcome development as the world moves to a more digital interface. Right now, unlike the normal clock you have on our smartphones, we can now see time with words using the Word Clock Watch Face. With this technological development, there’s no need to try to figure out what the time is at the moment whereas everything will be displaced for you to see. We’ll provide you with the link to help you get the Word Clock Watch Face app on your phone device.

Using the Word Clock Watch Face is a wonderful experience of understanding the time more perfectly. Someone might ask you the timed impromptu, you don’t need to scratch your cos you can just read it out for the person by merely looking at the clock. That’s because you can know exactly what the time says at that particular moment, cos it will be shown in word form, unlike the numerical format.

There are exciting features that come with the Word Clock Watch Face just like customizing the background, text, and highlight color. Interestingly, the Watch Clock Watch Face app is available in different languages such as English, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian, Latin, and Croatian.

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Word Clock Watch Face
Word Clock Watch Face

How To Get Word Clock Watch Face App

  • For iOS users, there is a version of the Watch Face called “Roughly”. This word clock app can be shown in the large central area of any Modular watch face. You can click here to install the app.
  • You can install the Roughly app on your iPhone, and wait for it to install on your paired Apple Watch. Or you can install it manually through the Watch app on your iPhone. What this means is that you can also use the Watch app on your iPhone to install Roughly.

Whereas for Android users, you can click this link to get the app. But mind you, this version of the app is not a free download, meaning that you’ll have to pay for it online. And again, the app works on all WEAR OS 2.0 devices.

Word Clock Watch Face | Word Clock Apple Watch Face