WhatsApp GB App Download 2021 | WhatsApp GB App Review

WhatsApp GB App Download 2021 | WhatsApp GB App Review

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Download WhatsApp GB App now and get the best feeling of what WhatsApp got to offer. This version is an upgrade to the original version cos it comes with loads of features and accessibilities. And if you fancy the need of making use of two WhatsApp accounts in one device, then you should consider getting the WhatsApp GB App. Even though you still have the original WhatsApp version still installed on your device, you can still install this WhatsApp GB App as well. Just, as usual, you can still send and receive messages, share photos, recordings, music, videos, and other files as well.

The features you can see on WhatsApp GB App comes with better improvement and improved privacy policy than that of the official app, and tends to have more advantage over the latter. With this app, you can easily discover some other interesting hidden features which you did not know existed on WhatsApp. Once you download and know more about this app, you’ll surely see the difference between the two sets of apps (GB and Original).

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WhatsApp GB App
WhatsApp GB App

About The WhatsApp GB App

Some of the things you can do via this app is hiding your status from specific contacts, stop receiving voice or video calls from whoever you choose not to, easily copy someone’s status without the need of a third-party status saver app, hare audio files of up to 100 MB, video files of up to 30 MB, and as well share images totaling 90 in number at a time, zoom any profile picture you wish to, and get notifications anytime your friend changes his or her profile picture.

You can as well view media files and download them automatically to your device.
Another interesting fact is that you can hide blue ticks which shows that you’ve already seen the person’s message without him or her knowledge, and you can also hide double tick and customize the second tick settings, without the other person knowing. With this, someone will not even know that you’re online to receive their messages. You can also hide your writing status so someone will not know that you’re typing at the moment, and you can as well hide your recording status so someone will not know that you’re recording at the moment. And lots more!

Download WhatsApp GB App

You can click here to download this app on your Android device.

Details: The version of the app is v16.20.0, with a file size of 48.1 MB. The app is supported for all Android devices that run version 4.0.3 and above.

For iOS users, you can click here to download the app on your iOS device.

WhatsApp GB App

WhatsApp GB App Download | WhatsApp GB App Review


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