VODACOM SA: How To Do Vodacom SIM Swap 2021

VODACOM SA: How To Do Vodacom SIM Swap 2021

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How To Do Vodacom SIM Swap: If you lose your Vodacom SIM, and you’re on the verge of getting a new one, don’t think of going through that process cos there’s still a chance of recovering your old SIM card. How do you do that? Through Vodacom SIM Swap. When you do a SIM swap, you’ll still keep your old number on the new SIM. All your contacts, your existing bundles, airtime, promotions, your discounts, and all other services that are associated with your old number will still be intact. Right in this article, we’re going to show you how to do a Vodacom SIM swap…

Vodacom SIM swap is the process whereby users get the chance to use a new SIM card and still maintain the original number. Lots of users have been left confused about this process, and in turn, end up getting a new Vodacom SIM card with a new number. What you should know is that doing a Vodacom SIM swap when your SIM card is lost or damaged doesn’t mean you’re entirely switching to a new number, you’ll get a new Vodacom SIM no doubt, but still, keep that your old number. Now read further below to see how to do a Vodacom SIM swap…

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Vodacom SIM Swap
Vodacom SIM Swap

Guideline On How To Do Vodacom SIM Swap

The process of the Contract SIM is quite different from that of the Prepaid SIM. That’s why we’re going to guide you on both the Prepaid and the Contract SIM.

Before you go on to do a Vodacom SIM swap, you need to know that the PIN and PUK numbers of the new SIM will not be the same as your old SIM card. And again, your RICA details will also be transferred to the new SIM immediately after the successful completion of the SIM swap.

As for your Contract SIM, you’ll need to go with your South African ID or International Passport, your proof of residence, your old Vodacom cellphone number, and the new replaceable Contract SIM which you can as well purchase at the store.

For a Prepaid SIM

  • Buy a new prepaid starter pack and register it for RICA.
  • Call 136 from the new SIM
  • Select the option to use your old Vodacom cellphone number.
  • After that, you’ll be transferred to a call consultant who will help you complete the SIM swap process
  • Then insert your new SIM card into your cellphone and wait between 2 – 24 hours for it to activate.

For a Contract SIM

  • You need to visit any of your nearest Vodacom stores and request a SIM swap.
  • Once you purchase this SIM, you’ll need to RICA it as well.
  • The store assistant will help you with the SIM swap process.
  • After that, insert your new SIM card into your cellphone, and wait for it to be activated between 2 – 24 hours.


Vodacom SIM Swap


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