Virtual YouTube 2021: What You Need to Know About VTuber

Virtual YouTube 2021: What You Need to Know About VTuber

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Virtual YouTube 2021: What You Need to Know About VTuber: There’s nothing more fun than watching your favorite cartoon character perform exactly like a real human being. You’ll always fall in love seeing it interact life, perform an act, or even sing. But do you know you can actually perform all those things with that favorite cartoon through Vtuber? Vtubers make virtual avatars to be able to have the same body movement and same emotion as a real person. Looking at it, you won’t see much difference between the animation videos and that of real people. We’re going to be looking at certain things we’d like to know about VTuber in this article…

VTuber has grown really popular amongst companies in Japan. It’s an online entertainer that makes use of virtual computer graphics for videos and lives broadcasts and uploads them on YouTube. Ever since its development in mid-2010, it has really grown popular with millions of users, especially in Japan. Its high level of popularity has led to a high number of fan translations to foreign languages. One thing that makes the content unique is the level of popularity and love for Japanese culture and animations. Now read further below let’s give you key facts you need to know about VTuber.

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Virtual YouTube
Virtual YouTube 2021: What You Need to Know About VTuber

What Do You Need to Know About VTuber? (Virtual YouTube)

VTuber otherwise called Virtual YouTube is a kind of invented or unreal characters that upload videos on YouTube. It’s just something like cartoons without a real appearance that does live broadcast a YouTube. The thing is that unlike normal YouTube, VTuber doesn’t make use of the person’s real physical appearance other than what is called the CG characters. These fictional characters are been transformed and act like human beings.

Due to its expansion and popularity, major virtual YouTubers are really making a whole lot of money from this entertainment, and most especially from merchandise sales. Interestingly, Vtubers are paid in a combination with a fixed salary and super chat money. The major goal of these companies has always been to expand into international markets and stake their claim as a media franchise. Currently, its expansion in China has been the evidence of its expansion into global markets. And one thing they are poised on doing is moving away from Super chats and Ad revenue to the selling of merchandise like voice packs.

Currently, Kizuna Al continues to dominate as the most popular and most successful Vtuber, with over 500 million views and 4.4 million subscriptions accross two YouTube channels. Not only that, she also has an additional one million subscribers on Chinese streaming platform “Bilibili”. That’s to show you how popular this virtual YouTube has really gone with lots of Vtubers making it in the global market.

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Key Facts to Know About VTuber (Virtual YouTube)

  • The CG characters in the videos are made with motion capture, with movements that look real.
  • The CG characters act just like real human beings in the videos.
  • Just like videos, there are also live broadcasts on Vtuber.
  • You can easily meet a Vtuber in reality than a real idol.
  • You can listen to real conversations and feel the relationship with a Vtuber.

Virtual YouTube 2021: What You Need to Know About VTuber


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