Verizon Prepaid Plans 2021 | List Of Verizon Prepaid Phone Plans

Verizon Prepaid Plans 2021 | List Of Verizon Prepaid Phone Plans

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Verizon Prepaid Plans | List Of Verizon Prepaid Phone Plans: In this article, we’ll be drafting for you all the Verizon prepaid plans to get you connected to the rest of the world. There’s no doubt that Verizon prepaid plans don’t cheap, but the truth remains that, irrespective of its cost, it’s still the best out there because of the availability of some cool features you can imagine.

If you sign up for any of the Verizon prepaid plans, then know that you’re getting the best coverage in the country. You’ll be offered the #1 network at low prices without the need of going through a credit check. And interestingly, you’ll get your third month free once you activate a new line on your current plan.

So to say, to go along with this range of Verizon prepaid plans, you surely need one of the Verizon prepaid mobile phones to complement it. There are lots of Verizon prepaid phones out there, such as ZTE smartphones, Motorola smartphones, other phone devices are Google Pixel 2, Samsung Galaxy S9, and as well as Apple iPhone X. But you need to know that you’ll have to pay upfront for your Verizon prepaid phone to get started. Now, let’s go straight ahead and brief you a bit on the Verizon prepaid plans…

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Verizon Prepaid Plans
Verizon Prepaid Plans

List Of Verizon Prepaid Plans For You

There are about four key Verizon prepaid plans you can sign up for. And they’re as follows below:

$65 Unlimited Prepaid Plan

This plan, no doubt is not the cheapest but it’s really worth it. With this plan, you’ll get unlimited data and unlimited texting to over 200 international destinations. And this plan is undoubtedly suitable for iPhone devices. You’ll get a discount after the first month of usage.

$45 Prepaid Smartphone Plan

Verizon’s monthly $45 prepaid smartphone plan offers you unlimited talk and text, with an additional 16GB of data once you purchase it. If there’s any unused data for you, it’ll automatically roll over to the next month. And again, there’s a discount for you after the first month as well.

$35 Prepaid Smartphone Plan

Just like the above plan, this $30 prepaid plan also comes with unlimited talk and text with 6GB of data which will be granted to you. This plan is really good, cos you’ll get the chance to make calls to over 70 countries. there’s also a discount for you after the first month just like others.

Prepaid Family Plan

With Verizon prepaid family plan, you can combine unlimited talk and text, whereby data will be allocated to you depending on the one you choose. If you prefer going unlimited, you’ll have to pay a fee of $240 for about four lines on U.S’s best network. You’ll also get unlimited calling to neighboring countries like Mexico and Canada.

Interestingly, this plan also allows you to use your Verizon prepaid phone for mobile hotspots tethering, with cool 600kbps speeds.

All the four Verizon Family plan in details:

  • First Line – $70 unlimited = $50 for 8GB
  • Second Line – $50 unlimited = $35 for 88GB
  • Third Line – $50 unlimited = $35 for 88GB
  • Fourth Line – $50 unlimited = $35 for 88GB
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Verizon Prepaid Plans


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