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messenger vanish mode

Vanish Mode messenger is an amazing feature introduced by Facebook on its messenger application where users can send a message and it vanishes after it has been read. Is that wow!!!

At the time of this post, the feature is made available to only USA users, and it’s currently running on messenger.

Facebook on their lunch speech said that the feature will soon be rolled out to all other countries in due time.

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What Is Vanish Mode On Messenger Facebook

What does vanish mode do in messenger?

Often a post is just random, without thinking about it hanging around, something you want to say at the moment. That’s why we’re excited to launch Messenger’s disappearance (Vanish) mode, which lets you send messages that instantly vanish. How it works is easy. Once they are seen, messages vanish and you leave the conversation.

How do I turn off vanish mode on messenger?

Vanish mode is made exciting just like its functions, to turn it on, all you need to is to swipe up on your mobile device in an existing chat thread and you’re in vanish mode. Swipe up again and you’re back to your regular chat. 

Where can I find the Vanish mode in Messenger?

Vanish mode is readily available of your new messenger applications, it does not have special ON and OFF button. To turn it on you simply swip up on the chat interface where you want to send the vanish message it activates, after sending it and you wish to turn it off, you swip down on the same interface, it dis appears.

Vanish Mode security

According to the introductory message by Facebook, these feature was introduced with security in mind.

To make it more safe and private, the company added that it has also introduced a feature that will let users know if someone takes a screenshot in the ‘Vanish Mode’.

nd as always, you can block someone and report a conversation if you feel unsafe.


Vanish mode is now available on Messenger in the US and some other countries, and it’s coming soon to more places. Vanish mode on Instagram will be coming to the US and other countries soon, when you update to the new Messenger experience.

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