Messenger Kids Review 2021 | How to Use Kids Messenger

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Messenger Kids Review 2021 | How to Use the Kids Messenger

Up till now, many parents are still wondering how to use Kids Messenger and how safe it is. Facebook designed the Messenger Kids app in order to protect the security and privacy of the children out there with access to the internet and this social media. Although, there’s no doubt that one cannot have full access to the privacy of his or her kid’s account” and that is why parents need to be very careful on this. That is why we’re going to show you how to use Kids Messenger.

Messenger Kids is a free messaging and video calling app for children below the age of 13. As a parent, you can manage Messenger for kids by controlling the contact list and other features the kids have access to such as filters, stickers, as well as Messenger games. As a parent or guardian, just know that you can only manage Messenger for kids through your Facebook account.

There are major things to be managed such as the friending activity when the kid is allowed to use the app through the Sleep Mode, block or report other users of any wrongdoing, chat history, request for the child’s information online like; messages, images, and videos, etc…Just read through this article in order to see how you can use the Kids Messenger account…

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How to Use Kids Messenger
Messenger Kids Review 2021 | How to Use Kids Messenger

How Do I Use Kids Messenger App?

Before your child can be able to use the Kids Messenger app, an account needs to be set up for him or her through you. But before doing this, your child must have a phone number at least.

  1. The first step is to download the app on either your child’s device or your own device, depending on the level of freedom you give your child to access your own device.
  2. Then you’ll need to authenticate the app using your own Facebook username and password.
  3. You’ll then have to create an account for your child by providing their name and phone number.
  4. The next thing is to add people to your child’s contact list. To add someone for your child, first, open the Facebook app and tap on the Menu icon > tap “More” and then scroll down and select “Messenger Kids” > then select your child’s account > tap on “Contacts” > tap on “Choose People” > then tap “Add”.
Messenger Kids Review 2021 | How to Use Kids Messenger

How Does it Work?

The Messenger Kids has lots of exciting features for kids to use and connect with family and loved ones. Once the account has been finally set up, kids can now start a single or group video chat with contacts approved by their parents. Once you go to the home screen, you’ll see lists of those contacts that are approved by your parents to chat with whenever they are online.

Kids can also send text messages, photos, and videos to friends approved by their parents. By this, they are allowed to form a conversation with the person. Not only that, they can as well create a conversation with a group of friends or classmates approved by their parents.

There are interesting chat features like emojis, filters, Gifs, frames, drawing tools, and playful masks which they can use during fun conversations in order to express their feelings anytime.

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Accessing the Parental Control Dashboard

The Messenger Kids Parent Dashboard is organized into three tabs such as; Activity, Contacts, and Controls. And there is some parental controls guide to be accessed such as; Supervised Friending, Sleep Mode, Blocking and Reporting Download Child’s Information, and Activity Monitoring. Now let’s take you through so you’ll see things you can do on the Dashboard…
The first thing is to learn how to access the Parent Dashboard on your Facebook account.

If you’re using an iPhone or Android smartphone, just open the Facebook app > tap on the Menu icon > then click “More” > scroll down and select “Messenger Kids” > then tap on your child’s photo below the Messenger Kids account.

Then if you’re using a computer, first log in to your Facebook account > go to the News Feed > navigate to the “Explore” section located at the left side of the homepage > click “More” > scroll down and select “Messenger Kids” > then tap your child’s name located at the left side.

Messenger Kids Review 2021 | How to Use Kids Messenger