Truecaller App Advantages And Disadvantages 2021| Truecaller App Download

Truecaller App Advantages And Disadvantages 2021| Truecaller App Download

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In this article, we’re going to be highlighting some of the Truecaller app advantages and disadvantages for you. With the Truecaller app, you can easily identify incoming calls by locating the profile of your caller and as well block calls you don’t want to receive. One thing that is clear about Truecaller is that you really need it, irrespective of the kind of work you’re into. Even if you run a business, you surely need a Truecaller app so to access the right personnel information. There are some Truecaller app advantages and disadvantages we’ll be focusing on hereā€¦

Let’s say you have your own website, or even a normal business, there’s no doubt a high tendency of you receiving different kinds of spam calls anytime. Now, this is where Truecaller comes in place. How does this work? Upon installing the app, Truecaller will have to access your phone book or contacts, whereby the data will be uploaded automatically to the company’s servers, which is been made available to all Truecaller users to search upon. Now, read further below and see a list of Truecaller app advantages and disadvantages for you

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Truecaller App
Truecaller App

What Are The Truecaller App Advantages And Disadvantages?

The fact remains that Truecaller offers more advantages than its disadvantages. The reason is not far-fetched, cos it helps phone users to trace out a lot of spam calls they receive every day. At least, Truecaller helps to track this. But, there are some disadvantages you also need to be aware of while using this app.

Below are lists of Truecaller app advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages Of The App

  • You can easily manage all your communications on Truecaller, without the need to switch to other apps.
  • You can easily see the true identity of any incoming call from around the world.
  • The app allows you to easily block unknown numbers.
  • It helps to eliminate robocalls, and also helps to protect you against unwanted calls.
  • You can have free chat with family and friends via the app’s Group Chat tab.
  • The app enables you to keep track of your bank transactions and important SMS.
  • You can also do a couple of recordings and save them to your phone.
  • You can view private profiles, and also see who viewed your profile with the app.


  • Truecaller leads to invasion of one’s privacy, cos it lets you see when someone puts his or her on silent.
  • You need to have at least a 3G active network before you can be able to see who is calling you.
  • There are too many prompts that show up whenever you block a spam number.
  • There’s been lots of spying and malicious activities on the app recently.
  • The app does not work in all areas.
Truecaller App

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