Truecaller App Pros and Cons 2021 | Truecaller Benefits And Limitations

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Truecaller App Pros and Cons | Truecaller Benefits And Limitations: Truecaller app is an important app anyone should have irrespective of what you engage on. The app allows you to easily identify incoming calls by locating the profile of your caller and as well block calls you don’t want to receive. No matter the country the person might be calling you from, as long as you use Truecaller, the ID of the person will be displayed. Interestingly, you can as well use voice calling to communicate with your friends where ever they are, also with the Truecaller Group Chat. Right in this article, we’ve been able to draft for you the most important Truecaller app pros and cons for you to know…

Truecaller app has become very popular among many phone users, making it one of the best free phone calls app out there, boasting over 100 million active users. It is regarded as the world’s best Caller ID and spam blocking app, with over 500 million downloads worldwide. Whether you’re running an Android OS, iOS, Windows, or Blackberry 10, you can easily have this app installed on your device. If you wanna know about the Truecaller app pros and cons, just read further below…

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Truecaller App Pros and Cons
Truecaller App Pros and Cons

Highlight Of The Truecaller App Pros and Cons

The Truecaller pros and cons are been listed respectively for you below:


  • Truecaller helps one to effectively manage all communications, without switching to other apps.
  • It helps one to see the real identity of any incoming call to your phone.
  • Truecaller helps users to view private profiles.
  • You can easily see who viewed your profile with the app as well.
  • You can be able to block any unknown number with the app.
  • You can use the app to record your calls and save them to your phone.
  • It helps to eliminate robocalls, and filters spam calls.
  • Truecaller helps one to keep track of their bank transactions and important SMSs.


  • Truecaller leads to invasion of one’s privacy.
  • Too many prompts show up whenever you block a spam number.
  • Truecaller has led to different malicious and spying activities.
  • Works with 3G+ networks.
  • The app does not work actively in all regions.
Truecaller App Pros and Cons

Truecaller App Pros and Cons