Transparent Messenger APK Free Download 2021

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Download Transparent Messenger APK for free on your Android phone. With this app, you enjoy a cool user design feature with an exciting modern design for your Messenger app. The transparent theme is just the perfect wallpaper that will give you the perfect feeling on your messenger. There’s no stress downloading the app cos the Lite app consumes just small storage in your phone download.

With this Transparent Messenger APK, you can swipe between the view of your notifications and your previous news feeds without loading another page. The app allows you to choose between Dark theme, Black theme, night, or default standard mode for your Facebook Messenger. For the security of your app, you can enable fingerprint Security authentication so as to lock the app cos of unauthorized user.

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Transparent Messenger APK Free Download
Transparent Messenger APK Free Download

Transparent Messenger APK Free Download

The Transparent Messenger APK s available to download on your phone, you need to click on this link

Now login to your account to combine the Transparent app with your Facebook Messenger.

To log in, you need to go to > you need to download the app on Play Store > login with your username and password.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll now see the modification which the app is going to give to your Facebook Messenger through its unique theme.

Now that you’ve downloaded the app, if you want to chat with a friend, just tap on the friend you want to chat with > click on the “TYPE a MESSAGE” icon and then type and send. You can as well share your pictures or other documents, take a camera to send to the person, voice recording or send a LIKE. All are located beside the “TYPE a MESSAGE” icon.

Not only that, you can as well Create a Room by tapping on the “Create Room” icon, invite friends, and set up your Room by sending your link to your friends.

You can also view people’s current status on Messenger. All you need is to tap on “People” which is located below the right-hand side > then select “Stories”.