Tiktok Video Downloader App Review 2021

87 / 100

Tiktok Video Downloader App Review: Tiktok video downloader app is one of the easiest video downloader app for you to save videos directly from Tiktok. If you’ve been looking for a way to save videos or photos on the Tiktok video downloader app on your Android or iOS device, then you’re just at the right spot. Interestingly, the app supports all kinds of HD quality videos. Once you download this app, you can be able to save any Tiktok video directly into your phone gallery so you can watch them offline anytime you want to.

Once you download this app, you don’t need to bother about signing in because none is required. Even if your downloaded videos can’t be seen in your phone’s gallery, you don’t have to worry about it cos you can still manage your downloaded video inside the app where you can be able to see them from the list. Interestingly, you can also share your downloaded videos with your family members and friends using the Share options.

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Tiktok Video Downloader App Review
Tiktok Video Downloader App Review

How To Download Photos Or Videos On Tiktok Video Downloader App

There are about two ways which you can download your favorite videos on Tiktok if you want to:

  1. One of the two ways is for you to use the “Copy Link” method. Once you open any Tiktok video > click on the “Share Link” option for the photo or video you like > then open Tiktok Downloader and your video will be downloaded.
  2. Another method is to use the “Share Link” option. All you need is to open Tiktok video and click on the “Share Link” of the photo or video you’re interested in > then select Tiktok Downloader to share.

Once you save any video from the app, it will be saved directly in a folder under the name “Tiktok Downloader”

Download Tiktok Video Downloader App on Play Store here

Tiktok Video Downloader App Review