5 Steps To Do T-Mobile iPhone Conference Call

5 Steps To Do T-Mobile iPhone Conference Call

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Do you know you can be able to do a T-Mobile iPhone conference call involving about five participants? If you’ve not been able to do so, maybe because you’ve not yet followed the proper guide. As long as this site is concerned, we’ll let you know how easy it is to make a T-Mobile iPhone conference call, and how you can merge five calls at a time!

Conference call allows you to get the chance to be able to contact and add/merge other participants by dialing their phone numbers and connect with them. If you start up a conference call, for instance, on iPhone, then know that you’re the only person who can see the names of all the participants. If another person starts the conference call, and you, in turn, add another participant, then you can only see the name of the host and the person you added only. Aside from that, you can as well disconnect other callers you hosted, depending on your carrier.

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Steps To Do T-Mobile iPhone Conference Call
Steps To Do T-Mobile iPhone Conference Call

How To Do T-Mobile iPhone Conference Call

Just follow the steps below:

  1. Put a call through.
  2. Tap “Add Call” and dial the second line you want to add. Doing this will place the first caller on hold.
  3. Tap “Merge Calls” to connect the parties together.
  4. Follow the same process on steps 2 and three to add another participant, till you reach the limit (5).
  5. You can now start having your conference call.

There’s something you really need to know about iPhone conference calling, for those of you using the device; Given the fact that iPhone is a two-line phone, makes it possible for one to be available for a conference call.

Engaging in a conference call doesn’t mean you can’t have your private call with one caller. This you can simply do by using the “Private” icon normally located next to the caller you want to go private with.

Should there be another incoming caller when the conference call is already going on, you have nothing to worry about. All you have to do is to tap the “Hold Call + Answer” > then “Merge Calls” and the person will be joined Asap.


T-Mobile iPhone Conference Call

T-Mobile iPhone Conference Call


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