T-Mobile Conference Call Limit 2021| T-Mobile Merge Call Limit

T-Mobile Conference Call Limit 2021| T-Mobile Merge Call Limit

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T-Mobile Conference Call Limit | T-Mobile Merge Call Limit: Many users have been wondering how many callers they can be able to merge in order to have a conference call on T-Mobile. That’s why we’ve prepared this article to tell you about the T-Mobile conference call limit, prior to the number of people you’re required to add. A conference call is a way you get to connect with your family and friends. With a conference call, you can add other participants within the U.S, by dialing their phone numbers and connect with them. Apart from adding, you can as well merge or even disconnect callers, depending on your carrier.

T-Mobile is one of the fastest-growing telecommunication networks in America. T-Mobile covers about 90% of Americans and the most interstate highway miles in the U.S. compared to other networks. When it comes to coverage, T-Mobile is always one step ahead of other rivals. Interestingly, what sets this network apart is its large and most reliable 5G network, making it the leader in 5G coverage and speed in America.

If you start up a conference call on T-Mobile, then know that you’re the only person who can see the names of all the participants. But should there be any case where another person starts the conference call, and you, in turn, adds another participant, then you can only see the name of the host and the person you added only. But the major focus here is the need for you to know the T-Mobile conference call limit, so you can know the total number of people to engage in a conference call with.

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What’s The T-Mobile Conference Call Limit?

If you’re in the United States, the T-Mobile conference call limit that is required from you is about five callers including yourself.

How do you add up to the limit?

  • You’ll first have to put a call to the first person via your T-Mobile phone number.
  • Once the person has answered the call, you can simply choose “Add call.”
  • This will now open your contacts list. Tap the person you want to add to your conference call.
  • When the second person answers, you can now select “Merge calls” to create the conference call.
  • You have to repeat the third step through to the fifth step until you’ve added all of the 5 callers. If you don’t want to go through that procedure, you can simply tap on the participant limit.

Note: If you’ve already started the conference call and someone calls you, you can just click on “Hold & Accept” > select “Merge calls” to add the new caller to the conference.


T-Mobile Conference Call Limit


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