Steps To Block 3-Way Calls On iPhone

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3-Way conference calls on iPhone enable users to get the chance to talk on the phone with several people at once. It lets you connect with two people at a time on a phone call. And interestingly, you’ll even get the chance to record the 3-Way conference call you’re currently engaged on if you wish to. But if you’ve been using this service and feel there’s a need for you to stop it, then we’re going to show you how to block 3-Way calls on iPhone right here…

This feature is one of the best features been adopted by Apple, in which its functionality is made available by default. That is why most phone providers in the U.S. fancy the need to activate this feature for their users. And one thing about the service is that the activation service is free of charge. But even at that, some users may still wish to do away with the so-called 3-Way calls along the line. You can only do so if you follow our guide, where we can teach you how to block 3-Way calls on iPhone…

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Block 3-Way Calls On iPhone
Block 3-Way Calls On iPhone

How To Block 3-Way Calls On iPhone

There are several methods you can apply if you want to stop or block 3-Way calls on iPhone, and we’re going to draft them each below for you:

Hang Up On One Caller

3-Way conference call involves you and the other two parties. But you can put a stop to the 3-Way call by hanging up on one caller, so to speak with one person. How do you do this? just touch the “Conference” button > tap on the red phone icon located next to the call you want to drop > then select “End Call.”

Speak Privately With One Caller

While on an active 3-Way conference call, you can simply block one person and speak privately with one caller. In order to do this, you have to touch the “Conference” button > then select “Private” which is located next to a caller. With this, you’ve blocked the 3-Way call and now speaking privately with one person.

Note: Although, if you’re not the host and you don’t wish to participate in the 3-Way conference call, you can either block the incoming call, or you can cut the call if you’re already active to remove yourself.

Block 3-Way Calls On iPhone

Block 3-Way Calls On iPhone