SongPop 2021: How To Play SongPop On Facebook Like A Pro

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Play SongPop On Facebook: SongPop Arcade game is currently the largest music trivia around the globe now, and it’s now on Facebook! This comes as wonderful news to all Facebook game lovers out there, especially those that love music. What SongPop Arcade does is that it plays your favorite music to test your knowledge. The game, therefore, allows you to challenge your friends on different music categories. We’re going to give you a vital tip on how you can be able to play SongPop on Facebook.

Nowadays, Facebook is not all about chatting, making friends, uploading pictures and videos, sharing stories, and watching videos. But it’s more than that now as lots of people are loving the fact that the platform has improved in a way that games can be played also. There is a large number of top Facebook new games to pick from, depending on your choice and taste. Be it battle games, puzzles, casual games, sports games, action games, etc, all are categorized and are really cool to make your day.

With the level of popularity of the Facebook social platform, you’ll never run short of different varieties of games. SongPop for instance offers hundreds of playlists in different categories for you to choose from. You’ll get the chance to play against your friends based on each other’s music knowledge, then get the chance to find out who wins on weekly basis. Now, let’s head straight ahead and guide you on how you can access and play SongPop on Facebook.

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Tips To Play SongPop On Facebook

  • Before you can access the game so you can play with a friend, you’ll need to first open your Facebook Messenger app and ensure that you’re signed in.
  • You have to open a friend’s chat and click on the “+” button.
  • Click on “Games.”
  • Scroll down and find “SongPop Arcade” or you can search for it.
  • Once you’ve found it, just click on “Play!” to start playing the game.

Once your friend has accepted the challenge, you guys will now compete against each other, by ensuring that you complete as many stages as possible.

By doing this, you’ll have to test your music knowledge with your friend, by trying to guess as many songs as you can before the time runs out. Strive to get a high score and challenge that your friend to beat that score.

Play SongPop On Facebook

Play SongPop On Facebook