Social Media Games Online 2021| 35 List Of Games To Play On Social Media

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Social Media Games Online are games that are played on most social media platforms. These social media games are currently one of the most popular games been played in the world, with millions of players engaging in several products of these games. Facebook was the first platform to initiate mobile platform games before we started having other platforms creating mobile games. Most of these games mainly feature multiplayer gameplay which can also be found in traditional video games.

One thing about social media games is the fact that they may be prone to spam and phishing on some of these social platforms. And this is a way whereby hackers create fake profiles and bend on sending spam messages to other users via some of these social gaming apps. And most players depends on these type of profiles to help them for their gaming techniques. So even if you’re in for any of these social media games online, you really need to be very careful.

Unlike console games, Social media games make use of different playing tools and techniques. As a player of this game, you’ll tend to earn different badges, trophies, and even accolades to show your progress and accomplishments while playing any of these games. This can easily be done as you advance in different levels. Right now, we’re going to present to you a list of popular social media games to play online…

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Social Media Games Online
Social Media Games Online

List Of Top 35 Social Media Games Online

The popular social media games are thus listed alphabetically below:

  1. Angry Birds Friends
  2. Candy Crush Saga
  3. Criminal Case
  4. Cut the Rope
  5. D&D Tiny Adventures
  6. Dead Trigger 2S
  7. FarmVille
  8. Farm Heroes Saga
  9. FishVille
  10. FrontierVille
  11. Happy Farm
  12. Icy Tower
  13. Intrigue
  14. Kantai Collection
  15. Lego Star Wars
  16. LifeSocialGame
  17. Lil’ Green Patch
  18. Mafia Wars
  19. Mob Wars
  20. Normic
  21. Pandemic
  22. Parking Wars
  23. Pet Societies
  24. PetVille
  25. Puerto Rico
  26. Social Empires
  27. TeenPatti
  28. The Sims
  29. Vector
  30. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire
  31. Words With Friends
  32. World of Warcraft
  33. Zuma Blitz
  34. YoVille
  35. 8-Ball Pool
Social Media Games Online

Social Media Games Online