8 Steps To Setup GoToMeeting Conference Call 2021

8 Steps To Setup GoToMeeting Conference Call 2021

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Looking for a way to setup GoToMeeting conference call? No problem. GoToMeeting is one of those conference call services which allows you to schedule a conference call with participants all over the world. You can set up a GoToMeeting conference call via VoIP or mobile phone. You have nothing to worry about about the setup, cos it’s quick and easy, with just a few taps. In this article, we’re going to show you how to successfully setup a GoToMeeting conference call…

Video conferencing has been the most effective and fascinating way whereby people get to connect with their loved ones irrespective of where they are. The issue of the pandemic still hovering around the world since last year, which has made many people work from home due to travel restrictions and quarantine measures.

Due to this, lots of businesses, companies, and institutions now have an alternative of working together with their colleagues through video conferencing. GoToMeeting offers a good alternative way to work, especially in this period. You can go on a virtual meeting with business colleagues, anywhere and anytime, and it’s very easy to use and more secured.

GoToMeeting offers a 14-day free trial and provides discounts for annual contracts. GoToMeeting offers about 3 different plans, which include; GoToMeeting Professional, GoToMeeting Business, and GoToMeeting Enterprise. GoToMeeting Professional package starts with an annual contract of $12 per month per user, with a month-month rate of 14$ for each user.

GoToMeeting Business starts at about $16 per month per user with an annual contract, with a monthly service of about $19 per user. Whereas GoToMeeting Enterprise has customized pricing for each organization with discounts for extra users. Now, read further below and see how you can be able to setup a GoToMeeting conference call…

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Setup GoToMeeting Conference Call
Setup GoToMeeting Conference Call

How To Setup GoToMeeting Conference Call

To setup a GoToMeeting conference call, just follow the steps below:

  1. The first step is to right-click on the GoToMeeting icon in the computer’s system controller.
  2. Select “Schedule a Meeting” via the GoToMeeting app.
  3. Enter the title or name of the meeting in the “Subject” line.
  4. Select a date, and enter a start and end time.
  5. Under “Audio,” you’ll have to select the type of audio you want. These include options like; “Provide VoIP Only” where all the participants will have a microphone, “Provide a Conference Call Number Only” where all participants dials the GoToMeeting conference numbers and then enter an access code & PIN, “Provide Both” allows all participants to choose between audio and VoIP options, then you have the “Provide Your Own Conference Call Information” which allows participants to call a private number which you provide.
  6. After that, click on “Schedule.”
  7. Select the list of participants you want to invite from your contacts list, and then click “Send.”
  8. You’ll then receive an email consisting of meeting instructions, which you’ll have to send to all other added participants.

And If You Don’t Have an Account Yet

You can follow the steps below to create your first free GoToMeeting account:

  • You need to visit goto.com/meeting/trial#
  • Fill in details like your First Name, Last Name, Business Email, Phone Number, and Job Title (optional).
  • Create a password for your account.
  • Select the size of your company (like the number of people you’ll be having for your meeting).
  • Then click on “Start My Trial” to start your free 14-day GoToMeeting trial.

Log In To Your Account

  • You can now log in to your account by clicking on this link https://global.gotomeeting.com.
  • Enter the email address you used for your account.
  • Then enter your password and click on “Sign in.”

You Can Download GoToMeeting App

If you’re using an Android device, then you need to click this link to download the app.
Whereas for iOS users, you can simply click here to download the app on the Apple Store.

Setup GoToMeeting Conference Call

Setup GoToMeeting Conference Call


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