Can You Screen Share Netflix on Zoom? 2021 | 5 Easy Steps to Do So

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Can You Screen Share Netflix on Zoom?: In today’s article, we’re going to be looking at how one can screen share Netflix on Zoom. Screen sharing on Zoom has been very much easy, which allows you to view and enjoy your favorite shows on Netflix with family and friends through Zoom video conferencing. There are lots of movies, TV shows, and cartoons to enjoy on Netflix even though you guys are not together. Some have really doubted this, but after reading this article, you’ll eventually see how possible it is to screen share Netflix on Zoom.

Once you’re the one that hosted the video conferencing, you’ll be the one to enable screen sharing on Zoom for participants by changing the default settings. And also, you can simply share your system audio as well so others can be able to listen to the sound of the movie on Netflix. Now read further below to see how you can be able to screen share Netflix on Zoom…

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Screen Share Netflix on Zoom
Screen Share Netflix on Zoom

How to Screen Share Netflix on Zoom

  1. If you’re already on the Zoom call, just click on “Share Screen” which is located at the middle-bottom of the meeting page.
  2. Then you’ll have to enter your sharing key or the meeting ID.
  3. You’ll have to make sure that the sound of your computer is enabled.
  4. Then you’ll have to select either the Netflix desktop application or you can go to a web browser like Chrome to visit the Netflix site.
  5. Once Netflix is on, you guys can choose your favorite movies and watch them together.

How to Share Your System Audio During a Netflix Screen Share on Zoom

For easy access, you can enable the audio of your device automatically by choosing either the Mono sound or Stereo sound. All you need to do is to locate the Share toolbar > click on “More” > then select either the “Mono or Stereo (high fidelity)” option located under “Select sharing sound mode”.

Follow the steps below to share audio sound on Zoom:

  • You can either start or join a Zoom meeting
  • Click on “Share Screen” located on the meeting toolbar
  • Then select the program or desktop you wish to share
  • Select “Share Sound” which is located at the bottom left corner of the window
  • If you’ve not set your audio sound to either Mono or Stereo, you have to switch between the options. You can skip this step if you’ve automatically done so.
  • Then click on “Share” which is located at the bottom right corner to start sharing your device’s audio sound.
  • If you’re done sharing, you can simply click on “Stop Share” which is located at the top of your meeting screen. Or you can mute the speaker of your device to stop sharing.
Screen Share Netflix on Zoom