How To Record Conference Calls iPhone fast 2021

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How To Record Conference Calls iPhone: Wondering how you can record conference calls on iPhone? Right in this article, we’re going to provide you with some helpful tips. So many people have been making use of apps to bypass this, given the fact that there’s no built-in phone recording option created by Apple on iPhone. But right here, we’re going to provide you with steps that’ll help you record conference calls on iPhone without the use of any app.

Recording a conversation has a lot to do with legality, cos it’s something that’s quite unfamiliar. That’s why some people tend to notify the other person before putting the call on record. Given the fact that Apple has very strict privacy settings, that doesn’t mean you can’t still record calls. So, just read further below and see how you can record conference calls on iPhone…

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How To Record Conference Calls iPhone
How To Record Conference Calls iPhone

How Do You Record Conference Calls iPhone?

  • Once you’re on the conference call, you’ll have to notify other participants that you’ll be recording the conversation.
  • After that, you can now tap on the Speaker icon and start recording.
  • Place your iPhone close to the recording device.
  • Once the call has ended, you can now save your recording.

What If You Wish To Use App To Record Conference Call On iPhone?

On this note, we recommend the Rev Call Recorder app, which you can download here. Interestingly, it’s available in the US.

How do you get started with this app?

  • Once you’ve launched the app, you’ll have to confirm your phone number by entering the verification code you received.
  • You can now start recording the call, where you’ll have to choose between Outgoing Call or Incoming Call.

If it’s for outgoing calls, you need to call the Rev Call Recorder service > contact your conference participants > then tap the “Merge Calls” button to start your recording. Whereas for incoming calls, Rev will contact you when your recorded call is ready.

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Record Conference Calls On iPhone