How To Play Top Eleven Game On Facebook 2021| Be a Football Manager Facebook

How To Play Top Eleven Game On Facebook 2021| Be a Football Manager Facebook

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How To Play Top Eleven Game On Facebook: Enjoy the feeling and be a real football manager only on Top Eleven! Right here in this article, we’ll teach all you need to know on how to be a football manager by learning how to play the Top Eleven game on Facebook. This game is deemed to be one of the most exciting games to ever surface on the Facebook platform. Top Eleven game on Facebook enables you to get the chance of playing against your Facebook friend(s), and engage with lots of football fans while you do so. Interestingly, if you don’t wanna play the game, you can as well watch them while relaxing, and earn your reward!

You have to create your own club, design your team’s jerseys and emblems, utilize your team’s funds, sign and sell players, and as well play the game against your friends and other Facebook users who are interested in the game. To perfect your gameplay, you need to make sure that give your players the perfect training and formations just like in normal games. The moment you’ve finalized the process of creating your team, you need to start giving them the training they need.

You can refer to any friend you have in Top Eleven and have you guys play either through the web version or connect through the mobile version via respective Facebook accounts. Whether you’re on the same server with your friend or not, you guys can still arrange friendly games amongst yourselves and play. So to say, you guys can still support each other if you’re on the same server. And interestingly, you can share gifts amongst each other upon playing the game! Just read further below to know more about the Top Eleven game on Facebook, and how to play the gameā€¦

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Play Top Eleven Game On Facebook
Play Top Eleven Game On Facebook

How To Play Top Eleven Game On Facebook

Before you can start playing the Top Eleven game on Facebook, you need to first update the Facebook app on your mobile device, and then log in to your account > go to the Games list > then via the search bar, type “Top Eleven.”

  • Once you’ve customized your team, you can now start conducting training sessions. You need to try and locate the Training session tab to help them practice for potential matches.
  • As regards the Squad section, you can navigate there to select your team for matches. You can check the defending and attacking skills of your team via the drop-down menu, switch between pre-defined tactics and active tactics while on the play. You can go to the “Character map” via the Squad tab, click on any player to check all the details as regards the level of fitness, etc.
  • You can go to the Fixtures screen so you can be able to see the date and time for each of your team’s matches, and that of your friend’s fixtures.
  • Navigate to the Competitions section so you can see the league standings, goal scorers, assists, etc.
  • Use the Stadium section to upgrade your stadium; increase the capacity, add facilities, and improve emergency vans and treatment boxes as well.
  • Go to the Transfers section to see a list of players up for grabs, the ones on-demand, to buy, and as well if your player is in-demand for sale as well.
  • To manage your club’s finances, you’ll have to go to the Finances section. This helps you to know when to sign players, sign up for sponsorship deals, and also set ticket prices as well.
  • And you can be able to read current news as regards available players, any sponsor that’s available, get information about players that are retiring and young players coming up.

What You Should Note About The Top Eleven Game On Facebook

  • Always try as much as possible to recruit good young players, cos those players still have ages to play will always give you an edge cos you’ll still make more use of them. You can do this by going to the Squad section just like I explained above.
  • Again, always give your team constant training to keep them fit. There are about 4 training exercises, with all lasting between 30-60 minutes. While doing this, always look out for their health conditions as well so you don’t over-train them.
  • And also, try and get the right formation for your team. The best possible way to do this is to master some formations while on training. By doing this, it won’t be difficult for your team while playing competitive matches.
  • To top it all, try and earn cash which you’ll use to improve your team. You can get sponsorship deals, increase ticket prices and sales, sign-up for TV rights, or try and get aid or a loan from any financial institution to fund your team.
Play Top Eleven Game On Facebook

Play Top Eleven Game On Facebook


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