Top 5 New Trend Photo Editing Apps 2021

Top 5 New Trend Photo Editing Apps: We’ll present to you a list of the best photo editing apps for your iPhone and Android devices. Whether you’re in for normal photography, or a social media influencer, you sure do need any of the best photo editing apps to make your shot look so perfect. One unique thing about these photo editing apps is that they offer nice tools that’ll make your photo look so exquisite.

There are a cool set of tools and other features such as AI photo effects, stickers, text overlays, and backgrounds to make your photos look scintillating. Once you customize your photos with any of these photo editing apps, you can as well share them with your family and friends and watch how they’ll be marveled at what you’ve done.

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New Trend Photo Editing Apps
New Trend Photo Editing Apps

Top 5 Photo Editing Apps

Instagram Photo App

Not what you expected, but Instagram is amongst the best photo editing apps. It enables you to take pictures and make some simple edits. There are new tools been added to the app like tools for gauging and improving your engagement.

Download Instagram on Android
Download for iOS here

PicsArt App

PicsArt is one of the best photo editing apps that has been on the market store for a while now. You’ll find lots of photo editing tools and cool filters on the app. It also provides different creative control to help you customize your photo. You can as well either select or create fun stickers, add artistic text and also customize collages.

Download PicsArt for Android here
Download for iOS device here

Google Photos App

Google photos no doubt offers minimal editing tools compared to other photo editing apps out there. Google’s photo-editing features are really cool that you just need a little effort to put in the finishing touches. All you need is to adjust color, light, and contrast on your photo. There are also some cool filters for you to also use and customize your photos.

Download the app on Android here
Download for iOS devices here


Snapseed has top-quality editing tools for outstanding photographers. There are a variety of tools such as editing brushes, lens Blur, Retrolux, Double Exposure, and as well lots of film-related filters. Once you customize a photo on Snapseed, you can still go into the Stack to edit and adjust your picture. You can use Stacks to apply an effect to a portion of your picture.

Download Snapseed here
Download for iOS here


Pixlr is one of the best you can ever think of. Pixlr offers lots of simple photo adjustment tools that suits your need. The app’s libraries consists of special effect filters, overlays, and borders to give your photo the beautification it needs. Not only that, there’s also available cartoon stickers to give you the fun.

Download Pixlr for Android here
Download for iOS here

New Trend Photo Editing Apps