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Nick Cordero is a Canadian actor who was initially diagnosed with the Coronavirus Pandemic that has engulfed the entire world. Born on the 17th of September, 1978, Nick Cordero grew up in Hamilton, Ontario. In his early educational life, he attended Westdale Secondary School, which is also in Hamilton.

He graduated from the school and gained admission to Ryerson University, Toronto, where he studied for just two years and left school to perform in the Love method band. Apart from his current health challenges, there are other key facts you need to know about Nick Cordero.

As of March 2020, Nick Cordero contracted COVID-19, which was reported by his wife, Amanda Kloots. As of that early stage, several measures were been taken in order to facilitate to do about Nick Cordero’s state of health as it became more severe. One of these measures was placing him on a ventilator, where he’s been treated with dialysis and extracorporeal membrane oxygenation.

His health challenges led to his right leg been amputated On April 18, 2020, as a result of complications from his illness. Before we give you a bit of history about Nick Cordero, we’ll, first of all, give you a brief highlight of his previous health challenges.

On the 24th of April, 2020, his wife, Kloots, gave an update on Cordero’s status where she confirmed through her Instagram handle that a temporary peacemaker has been received for his heart. Stressing that he had major lung damage, including “holes in his lungs,” and he had a successful tracheostomy tube placed, as of 1st May 2020.

Cordero’s wife again reported that doctors have taken him into surgery, after his oxygen levels fell too low, to perform “a lung scraping to get rid of some more infection”, on the 5th of May. Thankfully, it was announced on the 13th of May 2020, that Nick Cordero had recovered but not fully. Now, read further below to see key facts about Nick Cordero prior to his personal life.


All You Need to Know About Nick Cordero

His Personal Life

  1. Nick Cordero was born on 17th September, 1978.
  2. He is from Canada.
  3. He grew up in Hamilton, Ontario.
  4. He attended and graduated from Westdale Secondary School, Hamilton.
  5. He also attended Ryerson University, Toronto.
  6. He left the school after two years to perform in the band Love method.
  7. He has a wife named Amanda Kloots.
  8. He’s currently an actor before his illness.

Nick Cordero’s Acting Career

  1. Nick Cordero made his debut in the title role in the Off-Broadway production of The Toxic Avenger.
  2. He also featured in Rock of Ages on Broadway in 2012 and on tour, where he played the role of Dennis.
  3. Cordero appeared on Broadway in 2014 in the musical Bullets Over Broadway, where he played the role of Cheech.
  4. He joined the Broadway Production of Waitress in March 2016, playing the role of Earl.
  5. He left Waitress to join the Broadway premiere of the musical A Bronx Tale.
  6. He played the role of Sonny at the Longacre Theatre starting on November 3, 2016.
  7. In 2017, he played the role of Victor Lugo in “Heavy is the Head”, which is the tenth episode of the eighth season of the CBS police procedural drama Blue Bloods.
  8. In 2018, he repeated the role “Your Six”, which is the twentieth episode of the eighth season of the show.

Nick Cordero’s Achievements as an Actor

  1. Nick Cordero was nominated for the Tony Award for Best Featured Actor in a Musical.
  2. Not only that, but he was also nominated for the Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Featured Actor in a Musical.
  3. He won Outer Critics Circle Award for Outstanding Featured Actor in a Musical and a Theater World Award for the role.
  4. In 2017, Nick Cordero was nominated for the Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Featured Actor in a Musical, for the role of Sonny which he played in the aforementioned Longacre Theater.

Now that’s the brief detail about Nick Cordero, with respect to his early life and acting career.

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Nick Cordero Battles with Illness

Nick Cordero Battles with Illness

Nick Cordero fell ill on the 20th of March 2020. On the 1st of April, 2020, it was confirmed by his wife, Kloot, that he was misdiagnosed with pneumonia before learning that he had COVID-19. She also confirmed at the time that he was unconscious and hospitalized in the ICU as he battled the virus.

Cordero entered the ICU on March 31 with trouble breathing and an initial diagnosis of pneumonia. After two tests for COVID-19 were negative, a third came back positive. Less than two weeks later, his health took a turn for the worst and he had to undergo emergency surgery.

On April 24, Cordero had surgery to get a temporary peacemaker. On May 20, Kloots tearfully revealed that her husband’s health has taken a turn after having a “small win.” Unfortunately, things started turning dark for the family, which prompted his wife to ask for prayers, which she shared in an Instagram Stories video. 

Nick Cordero suffered setbacks and made progress in his battle with coronavirus since becoming ill. And his wife also shared an update concerning his state of health via her Instagram, stating that He is scared, in the ICU, and now unconscious so his body can get enough oxygen”. He wasn’t allowed to eat or drink, he became very weak and having a hard time breathing.  Kloots continues to document Cordero’s journey as he attempts to recover.

NickCordero underwent surgery on April 18 to amputate his right leg due to blood flow issues. Doctors had given Cordero blood thinners to help with clotting in his leg, but the treatment caused internal bleeding in his intestines. “They had him on blood thinners for the clotting and unfortunately the blood thinners were causing some other issues — blood pressure and some internal bleeding in his intestines. The blood thinners were taken off but that again caused some clotting in the right leg. So that prompted the doctors to amputate the right leg.

As time went on, another round of Covid-19 test was carried out and it came out Negative. Kloots announced on April 24th that the virus was out of his system and what’s left was to get his body back from all the repercussions of the virus. As of then, it seemed as if his body was responding well to his surgery and recovering well. Kloots shared via her Instagram Story on April 19 that he was responding to treatment and recovering well.

 Kloots had said in an Instagram Story on April 12 that he had an infection in his lung that caused his fever to spike way above normal, which caused his blood pressure to drop and caused his heart to go into an irregular pattern. During that process, he lost consciousness, lost his pulse and the doctors had to resuscitate him, which was a very tough one for them.

Many people on Instagram are using the hashtag #WakeUpNick to show their support for the couple on social media during those hard times. In her latest posting, Kloots attributed her husband’s rebound to the “power of prayer” and positive energy being sent their way. She said her husband is fighting hard and she is drawing strength from the scripture, “Thy will be done.”

Just as we’ve analyzed for you that brief history and update about Nick Cordero, we’ll also be looking at the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic which he suffered from, giving the fact that this disease has turned the whole world into shambles.

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The Effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic

There are two main symptoms of Coronavirus disease; fever and a dry cough, which can sometimes lead to breathing problems. This in turn makes it very difficult for the lung. If you continue coughing a lot for more than you usually have a cough, sore throat, headache, diarrhea, then know that you’re in a danger zone. Having a fever temperature above 37.8C can be detrimental. This can make you feel warm, cold, or shivery. In more severe cases, it can lead to pneumonia, multiple organ failure, and even death.

According to WHO, it takes about 5 or more days for someone to start showing symptoms of Coronavirus. Current estimates of the incubation period – the time between infection and the onset of symptoms – ranging from one to 14 days. Most infected people show symptoms within five to six days. However, patients that are infected can also be asymptomatic, meaning that they may not show any symptoms despite having the virus in their systems. So it is advisable to isolate yourself for at least 14 days if you start showing mild symptoms.

Although some of you might be wondering why you need to go to the hospital without the vaccine been available, it is very necessary because the main reason people need hospital treatment is difficulty breathing. Doctors may scan the lungs to see how badly they are affected and give support, such as oxygen or ventilation. Patients with Coronavirus will recover after rest and pain relief with paracetamol.

Patients will get oxygen support with the use of a face-mask, or a tube in the nose. The most effective way for the time being for patients is through ventilation where air and increased levels of oxygen, are pushed into the lungs via a tube in the mouth, nose, or through a small cut in the throat.




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