6 Microsoft Teams Video Conferencing Features 2021

Microsoft Teams Video Conferencing Features: In this article, we’re going to be telling you about Microsoft Teams video conferencing and how you can sign up. Staying far away does not deter you from meeting and working with your colleagues and customers online. No matter where you are, you can connect and collaborate with the Microsoft teams through a secured video conference call. If you cannot meet up with the rest of the teams directly due to lockdown or travel restrictions, then you don’t have to worry about it cos the arrangement of the Microsoft Teams video conferencing got you covered.

Microsoft has lots of partners and customers all around the world. You can invite anyone to join your Microsoft Teams video conferencing meeting via an email address. This will allow you guys to work more effectively irrespective of the situation in the entire world right now. You can hold meetings and communicate with about 1,000 attendees and webinars.

You’ll get the chance to work together with your Office apps, share your screen for contributions online, and have a chat in the meeting. If you’re hosting an online meeting, you can allow people to join automatically or wait for sometime before joining. Also, you have the ability to remove uninvited attendees or mute them if you wish to. Now read through this article to know more about the Microsoft Teams video conferencing and how to get started…

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Microsoft Teams Video Conferencing
Microsoft Teams Video Conferencing

Microsoft Teams Video Conferencing Features

There are lots of things you can do on the conference call such as:

  • Chatting with participants before, during, and after the conference meeting.
  • You can record your meeting in the cloud and share it with participants later after the meeting.
  • You can turn on live captions during the meeting in order to catch up and not miss out on anything.
  • If you have a contribution or question to ask during the meeting, you can click a button, which will indicate that your hand is raised.
  • You can customize the background of your meeting if you wish to.
  • Last but not the least, you can also view and download the participant list after the meeting, in order to know people that participated in the video conferencing

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Microsoft Teams Video Conferencing