Leg Chains: 12 Things You Didn’t Know About Leg Chains (Incredible facts) 2021

Leg Chains: 12 Things You Didn’t Know About Leg Chains (Incredible facts) 2021

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Things You Didn’t Know About Leg Chains: There’s no doubt that the majority of ladies do not know about leg chains or their meaning, even though they fancy wearing them. If you notice in some major parts of the world, you’ll see that about 70% of ladies now wear leg chains. Some wear on only one leg whereas others wear on both legs. But one thing is clear, as a lady that wears leg chains, there are some things which you don’t know about leg chains which I believe you need to know. Just pay attention and continue reading through this article…

Leg chain, otherwise known as Anklet, is a kind of ornament which is worn around the ankle by most ladies. It has been worn over the past years by girls and women in South Asia and Egypt. These leg chains are been adored most especially, by Indian women during their marriages. Occasionally, in some parts of South Asia, Anklets are been worn on both legs. And the reason for this was to limit the step of the lady. Currently, most ladies all around the world followed suit and started wearing it for fancy without even knowing the meaning. But after reading this article, we’ll learn a few things about leg chains.

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Leg Chains
Leg Chain

What You Need to Know About Leg Chains

One thing you need to get straight about leg chains is that it means different things to different people. So we’re going to outline most of the different things it means to wear leg chains or anklets:

  1. Leg chains or Anklets were discovered in Sumerian tombs which were over 4,500 years.
  2. Leg chains are crafted from various stones and metals.
  3. In Egypt, women wear leg chains to indicate their social status.
  4. For some cultures, women that wear gold or silver ankle chains indicate that their husbands are wealthy.
  5. In ancient India, women wear these chains as protection, because they’re adorned with charms.
  6. Some belief states that if you were a chain in your left leg as a lady, it means that you’re in an open relationship.
  7. If you wear a leg chain on your left ankle, it also means that you’re interested in a hookup for an unserious hot relationship.
  8. Some belief states that when a woman wears a chain on the right ankle, it means that they are single and looking for an affair.
  9. Another thing about leg chains is that ladies that wear them are been associated as prostitutes or lesbians in some modern parts of the world.
  10. Although, to some women, they simply wear leg chains for fashion and fun of it without reading much meaning to it.
  11. It’s not good to wear leg chains to a place like church, library, or even cemetery.
  12. It’s not advisable to wear leg chains with pantyhose because of damage.
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Leg Chains
Leg Chain spiritual implication
Leg Chain


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