Kris Summers
Kris Summers (Madgalkris) Biography

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Kris Summers Biography
Madgalkris Biography

Kris Summers (Madgalkris) Biography

Kris Summers aka Madgalkris was born on January 5th, 1995 in the united states of America. she has a huge fan page on Instagram where she shares her near-nude pictures to excite her followers. This has grown her fans and made her very popular on social media.

Madgalkris has two sisters named Vineecia and Auhjah.

Kris summer has been very hard working gurl right fromher growing up, and she has her own share of ups and down. at 18 years when she was still a college student, she did 9-5 job. she was once locked up in jail and when she came out, she lost her job and letter got a job in a club where she made a lot of connects with top celebrities and popular people in the city.

Kris Summers (Madgalkris) Biography | Height | Birthday | Surgery
Kris Summers (Madgalkris) Biography

She got an opportunity to show in a music video after which she was asked to model for popular clothing brands and she became popular because of her uniqueness on Instagram and she took advantage of that to open her own waist shaping company that allowed her over 8 figures, this became her breakthrough and she became an influencer and an entrepreneur.

Madgalkris is a brand ambassador for popular brands Fashion nova and prettylittlething.

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Instagram; itsmadgirlkris

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