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Instagram Story Viewer Order 2021 | Instagram Story Viewers: We’re going to be talking about Instagram stories and Instagram story viewer order right in this article. If you upload stories regularly on Instagram, you’ll notice that there’s a list of everyone that viewed your stories on the cause of the 24 hours duration before the story disappears. And so, you’ll notice that there’s this particular viewer who’s always on top of your viewer’s list. Instagram story viewer order is the perfect way for you to know why that top viewer’s list is like that, and that’s what we’re going to put you through with right here.

Most people think that this is down to those people keeping track of all their activities and constantly follows feeds. Others do think that those viewers at the top of their stories are the ones that are stalking them the most, the ones that constantly check up on their profile, always want to know what’s going on as regards their social life. But that’s not the case. We’re going to tell you right here how the Instagram story viewer order algorithm really works…

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Instagram Story Viewer Order
Instagram Story Viewer Order

How Then Does The Instagram Story Viewer Order Works?

What you need to know is that people that appear on top of your viewer’s list are not what you think, whether it’s stalking, checking up your activities, always in touch with your profile, etc. But rather, they are up there because they are closest to you and because of your activity. It’s as simple as that.

This is been checked based on their likes, comments, direct messages, etc, with you. At some point, it may be down to those that view your profile the most even without them liking a single post of yours.

Also, if you interact with this kind of people on the parent app like Facebook, there’s every tendency that they’ll be pushed up to the top of the list whenever they view your story on Instagram.

Additional Tip – How Do You Then View People’s Instagram Stories Without Them Knowing?

Well, if you decide not to allow people to see you whenever you view their stories, there are different ways to do that:

All you need to do is to tap on the story you’re viewing to pause it > swipe left to locate the story you wish to view > when you reach where you can glance at the story you intended to watch without your name being in the viewer’s list, just swipe slowly so they won’t know you’ve viewed their story.

Or, you can use your phone’s Airplane mode. How do you do this? Just open your Instagram app on your iOS or Android > wait for a while and allow stories to load > once stories have loaded, you can switch on your device’s Airplane mode > go back to the Instagram app and open the stories you wish to watch. And that’s it!

Instagram Story Viewer Order