How do I change my facebook password
How do I change my facebook password

how do I change my facebook password is one of the most important we should on facebook, considering the rate of hacking and suspicious activities on Fb.

Facebook Password is of the utmost importance when it comes to our account, it gives us privacy and it also protects our account from hackers.

Reasons you should change your password

There are several reasons why we consider changing our facebook account and these reasons have caused us to abandon our facebook account. there are issues we usually face when it comes to our Facebook accounts;

  1. Forgetting your password; this has affected many than usual.
  2. Recovering your password, and
  3. Resetting of the password.

The above points do not need much difficulty in order to solve them, although it has caused some people to give up their accounts due to lack of knowledge like this or were not well educated may cause us to lose our accounts.

how do I change my facebook password

There are many ways by which you can recover your account password, and all these steps are simple and easy to perform.


The default email option:

  1. Facebook always asks for this when you are registering with them for the first time. Now how does this work? it’s simple when you forget your password and try to login with an incorrect password, you will get this alert warning Incorrect Password and then take a look below you will see this Forgot Password? Click on it, the next options that come out select using the default password for your email. Then click ‘Continue’ and grant permission to access your email, read through the guidelines to complete the processes.
  2. Through Recovery Email:This method is simple and almost like the earlier one but the difference here is that after clicking on Forgot Password you have to select the Email me a link to reset my password option and it will take you to where you can fill in your email, a link will be sent to your email. Login to your email account, open the mail and click on the retrieval link, you will be required to fill in the new password and to confirm it.
  3. The last method to reset your Facebook password: Using your phone number. After clicking on Forgot Your Password, click on Get a code from my smartphone, you will receive a code on your phone as a text message which you will input to reset your password.

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whenever you start noticing irregular activities on your account, to be on a safe side please change your password. The activities of the hackers are

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