Group FaceTime Call 2021 | How Many People Can You Facetime At Once?

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Group FaceTime Call | How Many People Can You Facetime At Once?: Experience the excitement of video chat by starting a Group FaceTime call with your friends and loved ones. You can connect with whomever you want anywhere and anytime and enjoy the fun of a video chat on your iPhone. You can start a Group FaceTime call either from the app or from a group conversation in the Messages app. Interestingly, you’re allowed to FaceTime about 32 people at once without any hiccup. We’re going to teach you how to do a group FaceTime call in this article…

For your Group FaceTime call, you’ll need an iPhone 6 or later, or an iPadOS like; iPad Pro or later, iPad Air 2 or later, iPad mini 4 or later, iPad 5th generation or later, or iPod touch 7th generation. Although, if iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch runs an iOS version 12.1.4, you can easily join a Group FaceTime call as an audio participant.

There are lots of interesting things you can do during your Group calls such as using Animoji and Memoji, especially for those users using an iPhone X or later, or an iPad Pro 11-inch (1st and 2nd generation) or iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd generation and later). But if your device doesn’t have a Face ID, you can make use of other camera effects such as; filters, text, and shapes. Now let’s take you through some things you need to know about a Group FaceTime call and how it works…

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Group FaceTime Call
Group FaceTime Call

Starting a Group FaceTime Call

You can either start a Group FaceTime call from the FaceTime App or from your Messages App. And again, you’re allowed to FaceTime a maximum of 32 people to your Group at the same time.

We’re going to show you how can start a Group FaceTime call, how you can join the Group, and how to add people to the Group.

Start a Group Chat From the FaceTime App

  • Starting a Group from the FaceTime App is simple. You’ll have to first open the FaceTime App
  • Then tap on the “Add +” button located at the top-right corner
  • Enter the name of your friends by phone numbers or emails
  • Once they’re available, you can then tap on the Audio or Video icon to start.

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Start Group From the Messages App

You can start either by opening Messages or start directly from an existing Group conversation:

Just tap on “Contacts” located at the top of the group conversation > then tap on the FaceTime icon to start your Group video call.

How to Join A Group

You can join a FaceTime Group that another person started.

You’ll have to tap on “Notification” from the Notification Center or the Lock screen and tap the FaceTime video call icon.

If You’re joining from the FaceTime app, just go to Active call > then tap on the FaceTime video call icon.

If you’re joining from the Messages app, just tap on Notification located at the top of your screen > then tap join.

Note: You can change the audio and video settings in the FaceTime App anytime you’re on call. All you need is to tap on the screen > then swipe up to see options like; turning the camera off and on, switching to the rear camera, muting the audio sound, or switching to the speaker.

Group FaceTime Call | How Many People Can You Facetime At Once?