GoToMeeting Pros And Cons 2021| GoToMeeting Features, Benefits, and Signup

GoToMeeting Pros And Cons 2021| GoToMeeting Features, Benefits, and Signup

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GoToMeeting Pros And Cons 2021| GoToMeeting Features, Benefits, and Signup: In this article, we’re going to be highlighting some of GoToMeeting pros and cons. There’s no doubt that GoToMeeting remains one of the best conference services with lots of features and functionalities like good HD video and audio clarity, screen sharing, webcam preview, drawing tools, etc. You can go on a virtual meeting with business colleagues, and it’s very easy to use and more secured. Just as it has many pros, there are a couple of cons you need to be mindful of as well.

In terms of pricing, GoToMeeting is quite affordable, and offers a 14-day free trial, and provides discounts for annual contracts. Again, the service offers about 3 different plans, which include; GoToMeeting Professional, GoToMeeting Business, and GoToMeeting Enterprise. GoToMeeting Professional package starts with an annual contract of $12 per month per user, with a month-month rate of 14$ for each user.

GoToMeeting Business starts at about $16 per month per user with an annual contract, with a monthly service of about $19 per user. Whereas GoToMeeting Enterprise has customized pricing for each organization with discounts for extra users. And just as we’re looking at the plans available, it’s important that we take a proper look at the overall GoToMeeting pros and cons…

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GoToMeeting Pros And Cons
GoToMeeting Pros And Cons

Highlighting GoToMeeting Pros and Cons

We’re going to outline some key GoToMeeting pros and cons respectively for you below:


  • GoToMeeting is easy to use, especially in office environments.
  • You can have up to 500 participants at a time.
  • You can connect with international participants.
  • Ability to switch from chat to VoIP then to video conferencing.
  • Presence of screen sharing option.
  • Offers HD video conferencing.
  • It has quality video clarity.
  • It has very good audio clarity.
  • It’s very easy to create a meeting link.
  • Recordings during meetings are available.
  • You can easily share documents.
  • There’s the availability of drawing tools and other virtual functionalities to engage your audience.
  • You can easily manage participants in a meeting.
  • You can easily create events.
  • It’s very easy to create webinars.
  • It involves online chat during meetings as well.

And lots more!


  • Apart from the free 14-day trial plan, there’s no available free plan.
  • Doesn’t store meeting recordings locally on a desktop folder.
  • Meeting recordings only last in the cloud for a period of 12 months only.
  • It’s not easy to have video meetings.
  • There are always lags especially when more participants are involved.
  • Not too good using your mobile device.
  • There’s a high price of plans.
  • It has a bit problem with Remote Control.
  • Can’t work properly if the network is not stable.
  • It has limited chat features.
  • You can’t invite me while in the meeting presently.
  • GoToMeeting does not allow support other conference services like Zoom or MS Teams.

GoToMeeting Features

  • It has Built-In audio available for you.
  • There’s a personal meeting room.
  • Meeting scheduler is available
  • Availability of desktop/app sharing.
  • One-click recording option for your call recordings.
  • Presence of virtual whiteboard for your meeting presentations.
  • Drawing tools available to indicate things for your participants to see.
  • HDFaces video conference option is also available.
  • Hand Over control to switch to another participant giving a presentation….etc.

If You Want To Signup

  • You need to visit
  • Fill in details like your First Name, Last Name, Business Email, Phone Number, and Job Title (optional).
  • Create a password for your account.
  • Select the size of your company (like the number of people you’ll be having for your meeting).
  • Then click on “Start My Trial” to start your free 14-day GoToMeeting trial.

You can now log in to your account by clicking on this link > enter the email address you used for your account > then enter your password and click on “Sign in.”

GoToMeeting Pros And Cons 2021| GoToMeeting Features, Benefits, and Signup

GoToMeeting Pros And Cons 2021| GoToMeeting Features, Benefits, and Signup


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