GoToMeeting: Steps To Add GoToMeeting Background Music 2021

GoToMeeting: Steps To Add GoToMeeting Background Music 2021

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Are you looking for a way to add GoToMeeting background music? We’re going to show you right here. GoToMeeting remains one of the best video conference call services that offer a good alternative way to work. Due to this fact, there’s a need to share videos during meetings. But before you optimize your computer settings for video sharing, you need to be connected to audio via the Computer audio option in order to use the feature. That’s why we’ve decided to help you add GoToMeeting background music to your video sharing.

GoToMeeting enables you to go on a virtual meeting with business colleagues, anywhere and anytime. It’s easy to use and more secure, even with the mobile app as well. With lots of exclusive features like good HD video and audio clarity, screen sharing, webcam preview, drawing tools, etc, you have nothing to worry about as long as you choose GoToMeeting as your No.1 conference call service. But right here, we’ll be focusing on adding GoToMeeting background music…

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GoToMeeting Background Music
GoToMeeting Background Music

How Do You Add GoToMeeting Background Music?

Before you go ahead with the GoToMeeting background music set up, you have to first make sure that you’re on the Windows or Mac desktop app if you’re the host or the presenter. But all other attendees can join via the desktop app, Web App, and mobile to listen to the shared music.

Now follow the steps below:

  • At first, you need to click on the “Share” icon to begin your sharing.
  • Go to the “Share my screen” window, and check the “Include media sound” box.
  • Then click “Share.”

You can also use the “Options” drop-down in the Presenter toolbar > then click on the “Include media sound” icon.

To stop sharing your audio/music, just click on “Options” in the Presenter toolbar and uncheck the “Include media sound” box.


If you’re using a Windows computer, you need to make sure that the speaker output is compatible with the device selected in GoToMeeting. If you decide to change the speaker device in GoToMeeting, it will stop the music sharing.

And if you’re using a Mac device, you’ll need to install the GoTo Audio Device driver to share music. If you don’t include the media sound, you just have to make sure that the GoTo Audio Device is set as the output in the Volume drop-down of the menu bar.

Additional Info – How To Setup Virtual Background With ChromeCam

The first procedure is to link the ChromeCam to your GoToMeeting. How do you do this? You can follow the steps below:

  • Go to
  • Tap on “Settings” located in the left menu.
  • Click on “Custom background.”
  • Then click on “Download ChromeCam.”
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your installation.
  • Next thing is to sign in with your GoToMeeting login details.
  • Then allow LogMeIn to link to ChromeCam.
  • You can now use ChromeCam to join or host a meeting.

Then, you can now test your webcam to be sure that your virtual background displays. To test your webcam, you need to tap on the “Camera” icon on your screen to preview your video feed > click on “Settings” > choose an option from the Camera drop-down menu to change your camera device > tap “Ok, I’m ready” to switch on a video session with your camera.

  • Now, you need to first start or join a meeting.
  • Tap on the “Settings” icon in the top menu under the Webcam menu.
  • Tap on “ChromaCam” by default, to blur your webcam background. You can upload custom backgrounds, or choose other GoToMeeting’s preset filters.
  • Then tap on the Webcam icon to share your video feed.
GoToMeeting Background Music

GoToMeeting Background Music


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