Google Opinion Rewards Download APK 2021 | Setup Opinion Rewards Account

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Google Opinion Rewards Download APK | Setup Opinion Rewards Account: Do you know you can earn Google Play credit only by answering quick questions on Google’s survey? Yes, this is possible only on Google Opinion Rewards. All you just need is to download the app and get started by answering basic questions about yourself. This is to show you that your opinion really matters to the Google Surverys team. You don’t need to worry cos your answers will not be linked to any of your personal information. We’re going to help you download the Google Opinion Rewards app so you can get started…

Google Opinion Rewards is currently available on iOS devices running versions 10.0+, although it’s not available in all countries for now. Whenever you take a survey via Google Opinion Rewards, your feedback will be shared with the market researcher. After reviewing your feedback and it’s satisfactory, you’ll be sent money which will be deposited directly to your linked PayPal account. Now read further below so you can be able to know how Google Opinion Rewards really works, and how to set up your account…

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Google Opinion Rewards Download APK
Google Opinion Rewards Download APK

Download Google Opinion Rewards App

For iOS users, you have to click this link to download the app.
For Android users, click here to download the app.

About Opinion Rewards

Surveys will be sent to you once a week or even more than that, which takes less than 20 seconds. So how do you know you have a survey? You’ll always be notified on your phone whenever a relevant survey is been readied for you.

All these surveys include opinion surveys on hotel reviews, product reviews, and location-based merchant satisfaction surveys.

You’ll be paid around $1 for each of your completed surveys via your PayPal account.

How To Setup Your Account

  • The first step is for you to verify your identity by providing your email address, full name, zip/postal code, and your country.
  • Once you’re done, you’ll then tap on “Continue.”
  • Then read through and agree to the Terms of Service, and tap “Continue.”
  • Select your gender and tap “Continue.”
  • After that, you have to select the language(s) you understand which will enable you to receive surveys. Tap “Continue” once you’re done.

Note: In case you want to edit your account information, tap on the menu option lines > tap Settings > then click on the information you want to change.

Google Opinion Rewards Download APK