Google Meet Visual Effects 2021: 19 Effects for Your Google Meet

19 Effects for Your Google Meet | Google Meet Visual Effects: Do you wish to apply some effects for your Google Meet? Then we’ll provide you with lists of interesting visual effects you can choose from. There are lots of effects for your Google Meet which you can apply, such as; Pixelate, Inverse, Blur. You can apply these effects to your live camera during your meetings. And there’s another exciting feature that allows you to use the Virtual Green Screen to hide that background which you deem unpleasant and add your customized virtual backgrounds.

Google Meet allows you to host or join HD video meetings with your colleagues no matter where you are. The group meeting can contain a maximum of 250 people at the same time. You have nothing to worry cos your meetings are quite safe and securely encrypted. Not only that, there’s always an update in order to ensure extra protection. You’ll have full access to take pictures, read your contacts, record audio during meetings, and as well call phone numbers directly. Let’s say you want to change the background of your video conference meeting, then you need to choose any of the effects for your Google Meet.

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Google Meet Visual Effects

List of Visual Effects For Your Google Meet

  1. AR Halo
  2. AR Sunglasses
  3. Blur
  4. Blur Background
  5. Bubbles
  6. Contrast
  7. Cube
  8. Flip
  9. Freeze
  10. Green Screen
  11. Insane
  12. Inverse
  13. Pixelate
  14. Random Donation
  15. Rainbow
  16. Screen Text
  17. Soft Blur
  18. Virtual Green Screen
  19. 3D Movie

To use the visual effects, you need to install the software extension > then go to your Google Meet meeting > click on the extension icon and choose a visual effect you want to use.

Note: If the visual effect fails to work for your video conference, then you need to turn your web camera off and turn it on again.

Download Google Meet App For Smartphone

  1. Download Google Meet App on your iOS device here
  2. Download App in your Android phone here

Download App For PC

  • You have to download “Installer” and complete the setup
  • Then open Google Play Store on your PC
  • Search for Google Meet
  • Download and install the app on your PC
  • With the help of the Installer, you can now use the app once you’ve succeeded in installing the app.