Google Meet Extension 2021| Google Meet Chrome Extension

Google Meet Extension | Google Meet Chrome Extension: What is Google Meet Extension? This allows Chrome users to have a conference meeting and communicate anywhere and anytime via any device. If you’ve not been able to connect with teams and colleagues due to the present state of things caused by the pandemic, then you really need to sign into chrome in order to have a meeting with them without any hindrance. And for you to be able to start a conversation on Google Meet Extension, you’ll need to first install and sign in to Chrome. So if you’re worried about missing a thing, this is just the perfect avenue to get back on track.

With Google Meet Extension, you can either host or join a video chat or video conferences, screen-share anything on your desktop, live-share any document or proposal, and remote another desktop if you want to. Not only that, during the meeting, you can take recordings and store them in your device’s drive so you can listen to them anytime you want to. There are some Chrome Extensions for Google Meet such as; Grid view, Nod reactions, Dual window splitter, Meet attendance, and Push to Talk. These are the features that are been enlisted during the Google Meet conferencing so as to give you direct accessibility to keep up with your team.

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Google Meet Extension
Google Meet Extension

Enable Google Meet Extension

If you want to download and install Google Meet Extension to your desktop, you’ll need to first sign into Chrome. But don’t forget to turn on sync, as this will help your information to your Google Account.

Sign In to Chrome on Android & Tablet

  • Open the Chrome App via your Android phone or tablet
  • Then click on “More” which is denoted with a 3-dotted line located at the right corner of the address bar
  • Tap on “Settings”
  • Then click on “Sign in to Chrome”
  • Select the account you want to use and tap “Continue”
  • After that, tap on “OK, Got it”.

Sign In to Chrome on iPhone & iPad

  • Open the Chrome app on your iPhone or iPad
  • Tap on the “More” icon located at the bottom right corner
  • Click “Settings”
  • Then click on “Sign in to Chrome”
  • Select the account you want to use and tap “Continue”
  • After that, tap on “Ok, Got it”.

Sign In on Your Computer

  • Open Chrome on your computer device
  • Click on “Profile” located at the top right corner
  • Then sign in to your Google Account

Note: If you want to sync your info on all your devices, you can click “Turn on sync” > then click on “Turn on”. You can click on “Turn off” so as to turn off sync.

Get Started With Lots of Features

Google Extension meetings work perfectly for G Suite users. If you’re not on G Suite, you’ll be redirected to Gmail.

Features of the meeting are as follows:

  • You can enter full-screen mode when you start or join a meeting.
  • Copy the meeting link to the clipboard when you start or join a meeting.
  • You can share your Google Meet Extension link with meeting participants.
  • You can turn the closed caption on/off when joining a meeting.
  • If you want to talk in the meeting, just press and release the space bar.
  • You can turn the microphone on/off quickly from any tab using ctrl+shift+2.
  • Use ctrl+shift+3 to turn the camera on/off quickly from any tab.
  • You can mute/unmute the microphone when joining a meeting.
  • You can download meeting chat history.
  • You can as well download the meeting participants list after the meeting.
Google Meet Extension | Google Meet Chrome Extension