Google Drive App Review 2021: 10 Key Features Of Google Drive

Google Drive App Review 2021: 10 Key Features Of Google Drive

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Google Drive App Review: Looking for a safer place to backup your files from any device? Then you really need the Google Drive App. In this article, we’re going to be highlighting all you need to know about the Google Drive App. Google Drive is one of the best cloud storage which enables you to properly sync your services perfectly. You can backup and access all your files irrespective o the device you’re using.

Another excellent thing you can do on the Google Drive app is to create, edit, store and merge your documents together. With the Backup & Sync feature, you can sync almost any file or folder on a computer device. While using the computer for backup, you can specify any folder, you can as well save space by not duplicating files on the local storage.

While using Google Drive, users can get about 15GB of free storage on Google accounts, which is also shared across other Google apps like Gmail and Google Photos. If you care for additional storage, you can upgrade to a premium plan as an in-app purchase. Now let’s take a look at some of the essential features of the Google Drive app below…

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Google Drive App
Google Drive App Review | 10 Key Features Of Google Drive

Key Features Of Google Drive App

  1. It’s an app used in storing and accessing files on any device.
  2. You can access recent and all your important files very quickly.
  3. The app conducts desktop-to-desktop file syncing.
  4. There’s no password-protection for shared files.
  5. There are many third-party integrations in Google Drive.
  6. You can search for files by name and content.
  7. You can view your content on the go while offline.
  8. Use your device’s camera to scan your documents on Drive.
  9. You can also receive notifications on all your important activities on your files.
  10. Share and set permissions for files and folders.

If You don’t have Google Drive on your device, you really need to download the app by clicking any o the links below:

Get Google Drive on Play Store for Android devices.
Download the app on the Apple Store for iOS.

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