List Of 6 Best Games To Play On Tiktok Live 2021

List Of 6 Best Games To Play On Tiktok Live 2021

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List Of 6 Best Games To Play On Tiktok Live: In today’s article, we’re going to list for you all exciting games to play on TikTok live. Tiktok always finds a way to kick-start people’s fun moments on daily basis. As long as you’re an active Tiktok user, there’s no way you’ll get bored with it. Apart from making short videos, there’s also the need to get involved with lots of Tiktok challenges and games which is now available for users to play. So, whenever you feel free, or during your leisure period, you can simply switch to one of the games to play on Tiktok live.

There’s no doubt that social platforms always find a way to keep people entertained, especially during lockdowns of some sporting events due to the pandemic. And when you look at what Tiktok is doing, you’ll find out that the app is not an exception. Just think of it like this “You’ve not been able to hook up with your friends for some games catch-up, but you’re eager to.” You don’t have to worry about that cos Tiktok got you covered. Now read further below in order to see some exciting games to play on Tiktokā€¦

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Games To Play On Tiktok
Games To Play On Tiktok

Cool Games To Play On Tiktok Live

Now, we’re going to present to you the six best games to play on TikTok live below:

  1. The first one on our list is the GIBBERISH CHALLENGE: This is one of the most popular games users play on Tiktok currently. In this game, you’ll be presented with a set of words, all you have to do is to guess right the real phrase of those words. This you’ll have to do within just 10 seconds.
  2. Another one is the LALALA CHALLENGE: This is a tricky game but it’s quite fun. In this game, you’re allowed to use the song “Lalala” by Y2K and bbno$. What do you need to do? You’ll have to follow a series of hand movements, which are marked by emojis to match the song lyrics. If you don’t get it the first time asking, you’ll have to try again until you get it.
  3. There’s also the NAME 3 IN 5 SECONDS: In this game, users will be asked to name 3 things at once within just 5 seconds! The game is interesting, and you get the chance to know other Tiktokers better.
  4. We have the one called the GUMMY GAME: Gummy game is another interesting one on the line, and lots of users are really playing it. Here, you just have a few seconds to simply open your mouth wide open and try to catch a falling line of gummy bears. Even at that, lots of Tiktok creators are now involving pets to play this game as well.
  5. Next is the PATRICK STAR CHALLENGE: To play the Patrick Star Challenge, you’ll have to get involved in a show that also features Patrick Star. Just pull up a scene by trying to mime Patrick Star’s movements and pretending to hit him. The game is quite crazy and has generated millions of views on Tiktok.
  6. TEMPLE RUN, SUBWAY SURFER & MARIOKART: These popular games on the green screen effect is another one for you to look into on Tiktok. It’s quite an interesting and fascinating game to play, and you’ll really like it.
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Games To Play On Tiktok


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