Top 20 Best Free Conference Call Apps Download For USA 2021

Top 20 Best Free Conference Call Apps Download For USA 2021

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There’s no other alternative and fantastic way to get engaged with your friends and loved ones other than through one of the free conference call apps. No matter how far you guys are, physically out of reach from each other, conference calls limit that. Distance shouldn’t be a barrier that tends to stop you from communicating with whomever you wish to communicate with. Nowadays, many people don’t bother about the fact that they’re not currently with their loved ones. Due to this fact, we’ve prepared for you here some of the best free conference call apps for you to download.

Due to the pandemic since last year, there’s been an increase in the use of these free conference call apps, cos it helps you to connect with your family, friends, and colleagues especially if they’re currently in a country that’s on the blacklist of the country you’re currently in. This has led to so many lockdowns and travel restrictions, presently and even potentially. Many people are now required to work from home due to quarantine measures, which is one of the ways of further curtailing the spread of the virus. But one thing is for sure “There’ll always be a way out.”

In the U.S. alone, it is situated that about 42% of workers now work from home according to the Standford Institute For Economic Policy Research. Due to this, lots of businesses, companies, and institutions now have an alternative of working together with their colleagues through video conferencing. Given the fact that they can’t be able to work physically with each other for the main time, this procedure is just the most perfect fit to re-establish a good working system. Now, let’s head straight ahead and so to see the top 20 free conference call apps prepared for you below…

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Free Conference Call Apps
Free Conference Call Apps

List Of Top 20 Free Conference Call Apps

Each of these free conference call apps offers different exclusive features that tend to satisfy your needs. Whichever reason you have, be it on a casual purpose, business meeting or you want to speak with your customers as a business person, you really need at least one of these best video conference call apps to help you communicate either with your colleagues, partners, or customers online.

See the alphabetically arranged list below:

  1. Amazon Chime – Android | iOS
  2. BlueJeans – Android | iOS
  3. Cisco WebEx – Android | iOS
  4. Facebook Messenger – Android | iOS
  5. Facetime – Android | iOS
  6. Free Conference – Android | iOS
  7. Free Conference Call – Android | iOS
  8. Google Duo – Android | iOS
  9. Google Hangouts – Android | iOS
  10. GoToMeeting – Android | iOS
  11. Gruveo – Android | iOS
  12. Join Me – Android | iOS
  13. Kast – Android | iOS
  14. Pexip – Android | iOS
  15. Skype – Android | iOS
  16. Slack – Android | iOS
  17. UberConference – Android | iOS
  18. WhatsApp – Android | iOS
  19. Whereby – Android | iOS
  20. Zoom – Zoom | iOS
Free Conference Call Apps

Free Conference Call Apps