How To Play Farm Heroes Saga On Facebook 2021

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How To Play Farm Heroes Saga On Facebook: Farm Heroes Saga is one of those exciting games you should dream of playing on Facebook. There’s no doubt that Facebook has many games, but Farm Heroes Saga on Facebook is really top-notch. The game comes with different kinds of challenges which will put you in tricky deadly positions. The flowers and ducklings you’ll be encountering might in turn lead you to your untimely fall! Just go through this article and see how you can be able to play Farm Heroes Saga on Facebook…

Your role in this game will be that of a farmer. While moving through, you’ll be surrounded by your own animals (a Pig and a Dog) who’ll act like your little companions while going forward. What you have to do in this game is to try and be stopping your enemy (a raccoon named Rancid), from perching over your farm. With the help of your little companions and match-3 magic, you can be able to achieve your aim.

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How To Play Farm Heroes Saga On Facebook
How To Play Farm Heroes Saga On Facebook

Guideline On Playing Farm Heroes Saga On Facebook

Just like any other game, your major aim is to try and attain high scores from different tasks which will be assigned to you on different levels. What is required? You’ll have to harvest some specific crops in a given amount of time prior to a given number of moves.

The more you move forward, the more difficult the levels become. This is because some of the tasks that’ll come in these levels will be for you to hatch the ducklings by matching up three eggs and perform 3-match beside the flowers to make them bloom!

While playing this game, you’ll be offered about 5 lives, whereby you got a period of 30 minutes to recharge 1 live back. Luckily, there’ll be power-ups that will help you cool down. But note that the game offers you a limited number of free power-ups daily. although, you can still purchase power-ups with cash if you feel the one you’re been offered ain’t enough.

How Can I Then Play Farm Heroes Saga On Facebook?

  • If you wanna play this game, you’ll have to log in to your Facebook account via the Messenger app or the web version.
  • Go to the “Games List” and search for “Farm Heroes Saga.”
  • Select the game and click on “Play!.”

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How To Play Farm Heroes Saga On Facebook

How To Play Farm Heroes Saga On Facebook