What is NewGia

NewGia.com Is a question and answer website. Its an official website for NewGia foundation who’s goal is to support the depressed and prevent them from committing suicide or taken some else life.

What do you do with the donation funds

 The epidemic of depression is now faster the spread of cancer, The news suicide new is on the increase. NewGia foundation uses the finance generated from donation and other activities of the website to sponsored the Foundation and render financial aid, organize depression awayness campaign and provide facilities that will help the depressed.

How To Join NewGia

To join newgia.com click on login area, the login and register page will open.

How To Make Donation

Click on DONATE, on the donation page, select the amount you wish to donate Or input the amount you want and click DONATE NOW to complete your donations.

How To Ask Question

Click on ASK QUESTION and follow fill out the question form and ask your question.