Facetime games 2021: 27 Games You Can Play on Facetime With Your Boyfriend

Facetime games 2021: Games You Can Play on Facetime With Your Boyfriend: Mere conversations and expressions are not the only things that get lovely relationships rolling. You need to lighten up the spark and make your love affair more fun. Over the past few months, there have been challenges due to the pandemic, especially with loved ones that live apart from each other. This has made physical connections put aside as a way of expression due to social distancing. Interestingly for Apple users, there are interesting games you can play over FaceTime with your boyfriend since you can’t do that physically.

There are lots of fun games you can play on FaceTime with your boyfriend no matter the level of your relationship. You don’t have to see it as childish as long as you embrace the fun. There are texting games, word games, chess, question, and answer, etc, to keep the fun rolling. Don’t allow the pandemic to restrict the fun with your boyfriend. Just have a video call with him on FaceTime and play any of these games. We’ll be providing you with the list of interesting games you can play on FaceTime with your boyfriend…

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Facetime games
Facetime games 2021

Facetime games Idea 2021

  1. Add A Letter
  2. Battleship
  3. Boggle
  4. Build A Story
  5. Charades
  6. Chess
  7. Clap The Song
  8. Did You Know That
  9. Guess The Word
  10. Hangman
  11. Movie Lines
  12. Never Have I Ever
  13. Pictionary
  14. Rainbow Race
  15. Read My Lips
  16. Rhyme Only
  17. Song Lyrics
  18. Tell A Story
  19. The Alphabet Game
  20. Trivial Pursuit
  21. True or False
  22. Truth or Dare
  23. Two Truths & A Lie
  24. Word Game
  25. Would You Rather?
  26. Yahtzee
  27. 20 Questions

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Facetime games 2021