Facebook Messenger Video Chat Rooms | How Setup Facebook Messenger Chat Room

Facebook Messenger Video Chat Rooms | How Setup Facebook Messenger Chat Room

Facebook Messenger Video Chat Rooms | How Setup Facebook Messenger Chat Room

Facebook Messenger Video Chat Rooms

Facebook has introduced a new room chat on Messenger, which allows you to invite your friends to join a call online, just like it’s normally done on Skype and Zoom. This is one of the new features been introduced on the platform not long ago. The reason behind this setup is for users who are on lock-down because of covid-19 to be able to engage in group chat gathering which they’ve missed for a very long time. If you want, you can still invite your Whatsapp and Instagram friends as well! All you need to know about Facebook Messenger chat rooms have been properly highlighted for you on this site.

There’s no doubt to say that lots of users now engage in an online video call on Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp as well. So with that, making video calls is not a new thing on the platform. But so to say, there’s been an upgrade towards that whereby you can now be able to setup and make video calls on the Facebook Messenger chat rooms. Giving the fact that there have lock-downs all over the world, the rate of this group video chat tends to increase such as the normal individual video chats have increased within these few weeks.

One thing you should know is that Facebook Messenger chat rooms comes with a high level of privacy protection, which includes the ability of users to control who logs into their respective rooms, and equally have the ability to lock the room. But one thing you need to know about this room is that anybody the created a specific room must be online and present in order to start the call so that others will follow suit. The group creator has the right to add anyone, and also removes anybody that he/she pleases.

Prior to the video conferencing, users are allowed to engage in a video call with up to 17 people at the same time, which will even grow to 50 in the future. So, therefore, whenever you setup a Messenger Room call, the people you added will receive a notification on their respective home page, which will enable them to join the call. Read further below to learn how you can be able to setup the Facebook Messenger video chat Rooms.

How to Create Facebook Messenger Video Chat Rooms

How to Create Facebook Messenger Chat Rooms

Once it’s available in your area, here’s how to create a Room from your phone: 

At first, you need to make sure that the chat room is available in your region, because it’s not yet available in all regions.

  • Update your Facebook Messenger app on your device and tap on it to open.
  • Click on the “People” icon located at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • After that, click on “Create a Room.”
  • You’ll then have to select those you want to join your room and start your video chats.
  • Once you’ve shared your link and invited people to join, this will therefore show on your Chats Page where you can bring your room users together.

Note: You can as well share room link to people that are not on Facebook. Not only that, you can as well share in your news feed, different groups, and events.

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You may be Interested in Playing Games on Messenger

As Facebook continues to excite users with lots of features, the platform has also introduced games on Messenger to keep your mind calm when you’re lonely.

One of the games been introduced is the Word Blitz game. The Facebook Messenger word blitz game is a trivia and word game which is developed by Lotum. Your task is to try as much as possible to match-up letters in order to form comprehensive words. You can equally decide to play the game with your colleague or friend so as to test each other’s ability and to know who plays the game best.

You can play this game either on your Android or IOS, as long as you have the Facebook Messenger app installed on your device. At first, you need to make sure your device has a stable internet connection so you can open the app on your device

  • Go to the search bar located at the top corner of your Messenger App and type “Instant Games.”
  • After that, click on the Facebook Instant Games page so that it will open.
  • Click on your search option on the page and search “Word Blitz.”
  • Once you’re through with that, the game will eventually show up.
  •  Then finally, click on “Play Game.”

One of the games on Word Blitz that we’ll introduce you to is Boggle. This game is an interesting word search game that uses lettered dice to create its own words 4 by 4 grid board.

You should try as much as possible to be more familiar with some of the key rules which may also improve your chances of winning. One thing you should know about this game is that it is very simple and requires a high level of calmness. All you need to do is to improve on fixing longer words than shorter words; your chance of earning higher scores tends to increase. You can also improve your chances of winning by using strategies for higher scores.

Now that you have been playing the game, you now want to fancy your chance of winning. No doubt that anybody that plays a game always wants to win. Whether you’re playing with a friend or even the computer that knows the game more than you do, you always want to beat everyone. That’s just crystal clear about playing games.

You can as well score more points on the game with just some little tap-ins. If you want to increase your chance of winning, then you probably need to gather more points. All you need is to try as much as possible to look for words that has extra points, because this will definitely boost your point.

In terms of the Word Blitz cheat, you need to type all the letters in order and try to get every word possible. The words displayed are sorted by their length. So all you need to do is just to draw the first words and you will certainly win!

If you want to learn how to gain more points on Word Blitz, you can as well go to your web browser and type www.findtheword.info/search.aspx?stype=words-in-the-word&sword=Blitz in the search bar > The next thing you need to do is to match-up the word cleverly > Then arrange the word given to you appropriately.

It didn’t end there. There also other games to be played and we’ll also introduce you to the Facebook Messenger OMG game. This game enables you to showcase yourself by answering cool questions about your personal life. If you want to play OMG game on Facebook Messenger, then you need to first set it up.

In order to play this game on your mobile phone device, you’ll need to download the messenger app and then make sure you have an active internet connection. Downloading the app will give you direct access always. This you can do either on the Google Play store via Android or the Apple store via iOS device.  In order to connect with Facebook Messenger OMG online, all you need to do is to log in to your account. But since you’re quite new, you need to create an account first before logging in so as to connect directly to the online gaming.

While you’ve been connected and have started playing your cool game online, you need to bear it in mind that there is always a Timer for you, which is located at the left hand side of your screen. So with this, you should probably know that you don’t have the whole time in world answering questions.

If you want to select either of which you want to play, you need to set your Facebook Messenger so you can be able to play it. But this requires steps to get you to play the game.

  • Once you setup the Facebook Messenger app, you need to separate it from the standalone app.
  • Find the Games icon and open a conversation.
  • Then tap the + sign in the bottom left.

Now all you need to do is to pick a game and start playing!

You can still update the app if you want to. In order to either update or download the latest version of the Facebook Messenger OMG; you need to click on the navigation icon > Then tap on Select games > After that, you’ll have to scroll down or even use the site’s search engine in order to find the location of the OMG game.

Once you’ve successfully located the game and updated it, you can then proceed with the game. From there, you can now choose the type of questions you want to answer.

Remember not to integrate your Facebook with apps, games and websites. Because doing that more often might cause harm on your device. But so to say, you can still turn this off with just some few steps.

  • All you need to do is to click in the top-right corner of Facebook.
  • Then select Setting.
  •  After that, you’ll click on ‘Apps and Websites’ which is located at the left side of the menu.
  • Scroll down to the Apps, Websites and Games section.
  •  Then click on “Edit.”
  • Finally, click on “Turn Off.”

There’s also the Facebook Messenger OMG Plus, which is just like the normal version. But one disadvantage about it is that it can cause harm to your application.


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