Facebook Messenger Rooms 2021 | Facebook Messenger Chat Rooms

Facebook Messenger Rooms 2021 | Facebook Messenger Chat Rooms

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Facebook Messenger Rooms: Wanna hang out with your friends on video chat? Then you really need the Facebook Messenger Rooms. It’s fun, it’s exciting, and it’s easy! You don’t have a Facebook account? don’t bother as long you’re either on WhatsApp, Instagram, or even if you have a smartphone with a sharp internet connection. All you just need is to accept a link that will be shared with you and you can join. If you wanna share a link for people to join your room, it’s so easy as well. We’re going to tell you all you need to know about Facebook Messenger Rooms.

If you want to set up a room, you can invite up to 50 people. You can as well join a room directly from Messenger, News Feed, events, and Facebook Groups. You just have to feel at home and relax cos there’s no time limit to keep the fun rolling. I f you’re creating a room, you’ll be the one to determine who joins and who can see it on Facebook Messenger, and as well lock up the room so more people don’t join. Not only that, if you have a user disturbing the room, you can easily remove or block the person so he or she won’t be able to join the room again. Now let’s tell you how Facebook Messenger Rooms works…

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Facebook Messenger Rooms
Facebook Messenger Rooms

How to Setup Facebook Messenger Rooms

  • If you want to create a room on Messenger, you need to go to PEOPLE and tap “Active”
  • Click on “Create a Room”
  • Then click on “Share Link”

To share a link to friends to join, you’ll need to tap on the Link icon located at the bottom of your room. You can share the link with your friends using any other messaging service.

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How Does Facebook Messenger Rooms Works?

  1. Once you create a room and share your link, you need to be active in the room for people to join you. If you’re logged in to Facebook or Messenger and join a room, others will see your Facebook profile name, your profile picture, and an indication that you’re active in the room.
  2. You don’t have to worry about the video chat cos it’s end-to-end encrypted. And once you create a room, you’ll also be the one to lock the room, remove participants, or even end the room.
  3. In order to set up your room and give permission to people you want to join your room; go to PEOPLE > tap on “Active” > tap “Create a Room” > go to “Only people you approve can join” and tap on “Edit” > then click on an option.
  4. You can choose to select only people you approve to join the room from inside your room or anyone with your link. If you want to do this; go to your room and swipe up the menu option at the bottom > click on “Require Approval to Join” > then click on “Only people you approve or anyone with the link”.
  5. And mind you, once you remove anyone from the room, the room will automatically set to “Only people you approve”. If you don’t want to lock the room up so the removed participant can rejoin the room, you can choose the “Anyone with the link” option.
Facebook Messenger Chat Rooms


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