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Facebook Account General Settings

Wanna know many things which you don’t know on your Facebook account? Then you’re absolutely on the right site. This time around we’re going to take you round your Facebook account general settings. This will enable you to properly set your Facebook account so that it will be in the normal cool state. So, therefore, when I’m done with you on this post you’ll probably be an expert in terms of customizing your page using the Facebook Account’s General Settings tab.

Facebook account general settings offer users much more accessibility to their account. Everything that has to do with the customization of your account can be properly highlighted on this page. There are things you should first of all know; you can be able to customize automatic replies to your messaging in the general settings, you can easily switch an option which enables people to tag your page in their posts, setting up comment ranking to show the first comment below your posts or by popularity, enabling your page updates to automatically share your page updates.

Also, there’s also an option “Audience Optimization for Posts” which I know most of us are not familiar with. When you switch on this option, it will allow you to setup preferred audience in your page composer. You can monitor your post performance depending on the preferred audience you chose. You can also limit the visibility of your page content to specific areas like age/gender/location/language.

That’s not all. Coming to your page; you can be able to moderate your page which enables you to add words to block irrelevant posts and comments automatically. If there’s any form of abusive content on your page, you can block that with the use of “Profanity Filter”. In another case, if you have a business page you’re running on Facebook which is designed for certain countries specifically, you can simply restrict an access to your page from other countries. If you have a video which you published and you don’t want other to download, then you should make use of the “Content Distribution” option. You can also download a copy of all page posts, videos, photos, and Page information using the “Download Page” option.

How to Highlight Your Facebook Account General Settings

Normally, a question is been asked on where to find and access the Facebook account general settings especially for new users. So therefore, this site is going to highlight for you the steps to access the general settings below. Although it is advisable for users that are still making use of the Classic Facebook to Switch to the New Facebook because that’s what we’ll be dealing with.

Well I think the first thing is for you to know how to find your settings.

  • In order to do that, you need to click on the option tab at the top right corner.
  • Select Settings & Privacy and click “Settings.”
  • Then click on the settings you want to update from the options in the left bar.

You can either select General (which comprises of your name, username, or Facebook email), Security and Login (which comprises of change your password, turn on alerts, approvals to keep your account secure), Privacy (you can adjust who can see your posts), Timeline and Tagging (here you can see who can see your timeline and who can see your tags), Blocking (be able to manage who and what to block),)  Face Recognition (Either turn face recognition on or off), Language and Region (select the language and date format you want).

Change your Facebook Language and Region

Note: One thing you should not about Facebook language is that once you log in to your account, the language you chose as your device’s language settings will be the one that will appear in your Facebook. So to say, if you change your Facebook language settings on your computer device, you’ll also need to update your Facebook language settings on your phone device.

So what you need to do is to change it via the Language and Region settings. Changing the language settings for your Facebook account does not change your device’s language settings.

So therefore, in order to change your Facebook language settings, you should take the necessary steps below:

  • At first you need to go to the option tab at the top right corner as usual.
  • Scroll to “Settings & Privacy” and click on “Settings.”
  • Then click on “Language and Region” in the left column.

That’s where you’ll have to change the language you see in your account. you can also change your region settings such as date, time, and numbers. Once you’re done with that, you can just update it to correspond with your region format.

Then click Edit > after that select the language you want > click “Save Changes.” Then for the location settings; go to Formats for dates/times/numbers > click “Edit” and select a region > click on “Save changes.” You can also change the temperature to Fahrenheit or Celsius (click on Temperature > then click Save changes).

Another interesting thing in this option is that you can be able to translate posts on your page. Interestingly, there is an option where you’ll have to Post in Multiple Languages, which you can be able to add to language to your post. Doing this will help a lot because it will enable audience that understands other languages aside from yours to be able to read your post. So what language translator does in Facebook is that it finds potential customers both among source and target language speakers, so it will be advisable for you to publish content both for source and target language audience.

Using this feature, you don’t need to create duplicated posts in several languages. You can publish a picture with some text in you source language and then add a manually translated text in your target language. Your visitors will see a new post in a certain language depending on their Facebook language settings.

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How to Add or Remove an Email

Another interesting option in the Settings & Privacy is that you can also be able to add or remove an email from your Facebook account.

To add an email address;

  • Go to the top right corner option as usual, go to Settings & Privacy and click “Settings.”
  • Click “Contact” in the General tab.
  • Click “Add another email.”
  • Then enter your email and click “Add.”
  • Enter your Facebook password and click “Submit.”
  • After that, tap “Close.”

Once you’re done with that, a confirmation code will be sent to your email. Click on the link to confirm that you want the email to be added to your Facebook account.

Alternatively, you can still copy the confirmation link been sent to your email > go to the contact section of your settings and click “Confirm” > Paste the code and click “Okay” > then click “Save changes.”

To remove an email address:

  • Go to the option tab at the top right corner.
  • Go to Settings & Privacy and click “Settings.”
  • Click “Contact” in the General tab.
  • Choose the email you want to remove and click on “Remove.”
  • Then click “Save changes.”

Note: It is advisable for you to always add an email to your account because it helps you gain access to your account in case you lose your mobile phone.

Still on the General Settings; another thing you can do here is to either add or remove phone number from your Facebook account. Just like other options, this can also be done as simple as anything.

Add or Remove Mobile Phone Number

To add your first or another mobile phone number:

  • Go to the option tab at the top right corner of your Facebook page.
  • Go to Settings & Privacy and click on “Settings.”
  • Look at the left sidebar and click “Mobile.”
  • Then click “+ Add your first Phone number” or click “Add another Phone number” that’s if you wish to add more numbers.
  • After that, enter your Phone number and choose if you’d like to get a text message or phone call with your confirmation code.
  • Once you’re done with that, click “Continue.”
  • Enter the confirmation code been sent to you and click “Confirm”.

Now if you want to remove a mobile phone number from your account, follow the steps below:

  • Still go to the option tab at the top right corner.
  • Go to Settings & Privacy and select “Settings”
  • Look at the left sidebar and click “Mobile.”
  • Then scroll down below and go to the number you want to remove and click “Remove.”
  • Click “Remove Phone” in order to confirm this action.

Important Tip

If you have previously created a page with the same purpose and similar name and you don’t want to use the old one, you can merge it with a newly created page. Doing this will delete all posts from the old page, although all your likes and check-ins will automatically be transferred to the new page.

What’s that helpful? You can use the box below for your comment. Thanks.

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