10 Drinking Games Over FaceTime With Boyfriend 2021

10 Drinking Games Over FaceTime With Boyfriend 2021

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Drinking games over FaceTime can be very much interesting especially when you’re not with your boyfriend physically. Due to the impact of the Covid-19 lockdown, there have been some travel restrictions that have really affected the physical connection between two lovers who might be staying in different countries. This is actually the perfect game to play and enjoy the romantic moment when you guys cannot be able to hang out together. There are lots of popular fun games to pick from which you’ll never get tired of. We’ve compiled for you some popular drinking games over FaceTime which you can play with your boyfriend…

FaceTime is available on supported iOS devices (iOS 4 version and later) and (Mac OS X 10.6.6 and later). FaceTime also supports any iOS device with a front camera and Mac system with a FaceTime camera. In terms of the FaceTime audio, the audio version is available on any iOS device that runs iOS 7 or newer version, and any Mac system that runs Mac OS X 10.9.2 and later. If your iOS device has the above-mentioned features, then you surely need FaceTime to enjoy the fun. So, therefore, just read further below to see lists of drinking games over FaceTime for you and your boyfriend.

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Drinking Games Over FaceTime With Boyfriend
Drinking Games Over FaceTime With Boyfriend

List of Interesting Drinking Games Over FaceTime

We’re going to list the names in alphabetical order for you. It’s now left for you to choose the one suitable for the romantic feeling with your boyfriend.

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Bad People

Bad people enable you to discover what you feel your boyfriend is thinking of you at the moment. There’ll be random questions you’ll have to write and place on pieces of paper whereby you’ll state what and how you feel. Then you’ll have to allow your boyfriend to choose any. Then if he picks the actual feeling, he’ll be allowed to take a drink.


Buzzed contains about 180 cards, which presents suggestions that might concern you or your boyfriend. When a specific dice is been rolled and it happens to state what any of you is like, then the person that it falls to will take a drink.

Do You Know Me

You guys will have to choose from about 450 cards. The questions are funny ones and the answer is always a “Yes or No”. You’ll pick up a card, read it out, and have your boyfriend answer Yes or No. The answer is always on the card and if your guy guesses correctly, he’ll take a drink.

Drunk Stoned or Stupid

You and your boyfriend will be set to write down your names on separate pieces of paper, and then choose cards. Both of you will have to call out the player that you think is most deserving. The more votes any of you gets, the winner will be declared and the person will have to take a drink.

Never Have I Ever

The cards in this game contain things that are naughty or awkward that either of might has or might not have done. Once you pick a card and read it out, and it turns out to be something you’ve done before, you’ll admit it and take a drink.


Random cards will be on deck to be chosen. Pick one card and read it out or hold it up to your screen for your boyfriend to see. He must answer it cos failure to do so, then he’ll have to take a drink.

Truth or Drunk

This is quite similar to Spotlight. You’ll pick from the cards on the deck and ask your boyfriend the question on it. He’ll have to answer it or take a drink if he declines.

Drinking Games Over FaceTime With Boyfriend


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