Dr. B. Nhlangulela

Dr. B. Nhlangulela Biography

Dr. B. Nhlangulela Biography

Dr. B. Nhlangulela or Dr. Bee Nhlangulela whose full name is Dr. Bongiwe Nhlangulela is a south African dentist surgeon. His office is located in the City of Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa.

Dr. Bee Nhlangulela was born on 29th January and She is among the top female Dentist in south Africa and she prides herself as a Black Girl Dentist and A sucker for a great smile.

With over 13k followers on instagram she is very popular on social media, she keeps her fans coming with her love smiles with shows of her beautiful charming white teeths.

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Dr. B. Nhlangulela Contact

Call/ WhatsApp: 060 487 0210

Instagram : doctor bee

book appointment: appointments@doctorbee.co.za

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