Doximity Video Call 2021: How to Use Doximity Dialer

Doximity Video Call 2021: How to Use Doximity Dialer

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Technology always seems to amaze me. Now you can be able to connect with your patients and have an easy study of the state of their healths through a Doximity video call!! As long as you have a smartphone, you just have to download and sign in and start video calling with your patient to check up on him or her even when you’re not available. You don’t have to worry about security because all calls are encrypted with HIPAA. In this article, we’re going to enlighten you about the Doximity video call and how to use Doximity Dialer…

What is Doximity Dialer? It is a feature on Doximity’s mobile app which allows you to call patients using your cellphone number while displaying any number of your choice on your patient’s caller ID. Doximity Dialer is free for physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and medical students. Not only that, but any healthcare professional can also purchase access to Doximity Dialer. And any user with a Dialer Pro License can also use Dialer with unlimited access.

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Doximity Video Call
Doximity Video Call

How Does Doximity Video Call Dialer Works?

You can either use Voicemail to reach out to your patient and leave a message with a callback number. But if you want to practice what is called “Telemedicine” with your patient, then you should use the video call.

Place a Dialer Video Call on the Mobile App

  • The first thing is to open the Doximity app to Dialer
  • Enter your patient’s phone number
  • then tap on Video Call to start your call.
Doximity Video Call 2021 | How to Use Doximity Dialer

Using Desktop Computer

  • The first thing is to go to your web browser and log into your Doximity account here or you can click on this link
  • You’ll then have to click on “Get Started” to set up your Dialer Video on desktop
  • Enter your active phone number to receive alerts from your patients on video calls
  • The number will then be shared with your patients
  • You’ll be redirected to the Dialer Video Homepage to start video calling on desktop
  • You can click on the green video call button to send texts to your patients inviting them to join.

Note: For now, Doximity Dialer only supports calls to and from U.S. mobile numbers

Doximity Video Call 2021 | How to Use Doximity Dialer

Doximity Video Call: How to Use Doximity Dialer


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