Download Truecaller App 2021| Truecaller App Review

Download Truecaller App 2021| Truecaller App Review

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Trying to download Truecaller app? That’s not a problem. Truecaller is regarded as the world’s best Caller ID and spam blocking app, with over 500 million downloads across the globe. The app allows you to easily identify unknown callers before you ever think of picking up the call, irrespective of where the person is calling from anywhere in the world. You can use voice calling to communicate with your friends where ever they are. You can as well record important calls and save them to your phone. And if you have a problem with any caller, you can even block their number with the Truecaller app.

Truecaller App is one of the best free phone calls app out there. You’ll get the chance to talk to anyone around the world without spending anything. Given the fact that most of the network providers tend to increase call charges per minute, there’s a need for you to switch over to the Truecaller app. With this, you don’t have to keep on purchasing airtime just to call your friends, family members, or colleagues, whether locally or internationally. We’re going to provide you with links that’ll help you download Truecaller app…

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Download Truecaller App
Download Truecaller App

Download Truecaller App

We’ve provided you links to download Truecaller app on Play Store and Apple Store respectively below:

Download the Truecaller app for your Android device here
Download for iOS here here

Features Of The Truecaller App

  • You can manage all your calls and messages with just a few taps, you can filter robocalls and other unwanted disturbances.
  • You can easily organize your SMS into Personal, Other, and Spam.
  • The app does not have ads, making it very smooth to access.
  • You can view private profiles, and can easily detect who viewed your profile.
  • You can backup call history, contacts, messages, and settings easily to Google Drive.
  • Interestingly, there’s the Group Chat tab which enables you to engage in a free chat with family and friends.


  • Truecaller helps one to effectively manage all communications, without switching to other apps.
  • It helps one to see the real identity of any incoming call to your phone.
  • Truecaller helps users to view private profiles.
  • You can easily see who viewed your profile with the app as well.
  • You can be able to block any unknown number with the app.
  • You can use the app to record your calls and save them to your phone.
  • It helps to eliminate robocalls, and filters spam calls.
  • Truecaller helps one to keep track of their bank transactions and important SMSs.


  • Truecaller leads to invasion of one’s privacy.
  • Too many prompts show up whenever you block a spam number.
  • Truecaller has led to different malicious and spying activities.
  • Works with 3G+ networks.
  • The app does not work actively in all regions.
Download Truecaller App

Download Truecaller App


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